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markomarkh 2013-09-29 13:53

Solfeggio and making own scales?
How do I get solfeggio frequencies like 528hz on reason and making my own scales with like a synth or sampler? Would it be a good idea to have a frequency setter on the nnxt so I can just type the 528hz and it will set a key to that frequency, instead of fiddling around with fine tuning and malarkey! Or could reason do a solfeggio synth? Cheers mark.

pushedbutton 2013-09-29 20:59

528hz would give you a note just slightly sharper than a C but not quite C#. I don't really understand what a solfeggio synth would do. I looked at a couple of Youtube vids and they seems to have some new age music with a constant drone. Here's some more numbers for you.

C 523.251 C# / Db 554.365

voodoobass 2013-10-01 03:43

I'd also be interested to know

voodoobass 2013-10-01 03:48

in a nutshell, It's a scale of frequencies similar to the key used in early classical and gregorian music, based closer to A=444 hz but you can't really just detune the whole of Reason to get the full effect as that would then misalign other notes.

They are meant to be more resonant with the human body than the A=440hz scale, hence their popularity in new age meditation videos but I guess it's kind-of an in thing to use them in production now especially within the psy community...

worth looking at solfeggio with an eye to cymatics as well. Then bring in sacred geometry and stuff starts getting deep...

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