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SoftEnerji 2013-09-30 04:59

My buddy Ingo aka electricfusion once referred to my boys Alex and James as Agents A & J while we were chatting on Skype and I thought it kinda cute. So I used Agents as a working title for the basis of this track. I sent the idea to Ingo and it evolved into this. A bit of fun from electricfusionlab and Soft E Studios. Enjoy!

A note on the samples, the Bond samples...........I couldn't find any usable ones on the net so I errr.....did them myself with my best Sean Connery impersonation...........The game's up Blofeld!

Ingo's page:

My page:

ecopro 2013-09-30 18:40

This is outstanding work from both of you guys. Next Bond movie has got it covered when it comes to a theme song. ;)

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