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CosmicSerpents 2013-10-22 09:10

ReGroove - Extracting Velocity information from REX files
I love ReGroove, but I always thought that there was a bit of a missed opportunity in not being able to simultaneously capture Velocity information contained within REX files.

Now I realise that REX files are just MIDI chops, and that when you copy them to track you get a default velocity of 64.

However, there must be some way of ascribing a Velocity level to the dynamic levels within the REX file itself, with the dynamics being weighted in some way so as to reflect the relative quietness or loudness of the chops themselves.

These weighted levels would then be translated into relative velocity levels between 1 and 127 which mirror the dynamics inherent in the REX file.

Thus, when you get the groove from a REX file, you also the relative dynamics of that REX file in velocity values.

Anyways, I put this out there as a possible worthy improvement to ReGroove, and to further exploit the potential inherent in REX files.


Jamie Caesar

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