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NJahn 2013-10-22 23:29

sweet summer memories
Hi,just finished my new chillout track,called sweet summer memories.
A warm track for cold days.

made with Reason 6.5 ,October 2013

feel free to leave a comment.


juno106user 2013-10-23 09:24

I like the water in the beginning but maybe too much EQ push on the water around 1000hz.
Overall, the vibe you set with the water and seagulls is super cool. I think that your kick and snare might be too thin sounding but the groove is good. I really like your keys and the delay you put on them but I think they could come up in the mix so that kik/snare are too much louder. The piano is waaaay too loud compared to the other keys. You've gotta pull that down!! Right around 220, you have a small drop that sounds cool but might need an extra sound or something to help it hit more. Again, piano is way to freaking loud!! Your levels need work from one element to the next. Your kick gets kinda buried under all the keys around the 5 minute mark. You have a reverb heavy snare that you introduce and I understand what you are going for but the snare is a bit too wimpy sounding if you want that 80's thing with it.
I love the ending, back to the water and the birds. Nice!

NJahn 2013-10-23 21:51

Hi and thank you very much for your feedback!
The "big" Problem at the Moment is,that i only have headphones for mixing,no speakers.That makes mastering difficult for me. But I will try to fix the "Problems".
The other thing is,that the original in reason sounds better as the file which is uploaded on soundcloud. I dont know why.

cheers Nico

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