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gribbly 2013-10-27 07:04

Sequencer request: Easy "flam" creation
I often program drums in the sequencer, and I often want to create "flam" style hits.

I wish I could right click on a snare drum hit (for example) and choose "Create Flam" from the context menu, and it would automagically do what I now do manually:

1) Duplicate the drum hit
2) Move existing drum hit to be a few hundred cents late
3) Reduce the velocity on the new drum hit to be ~50% of the original
4) (optional step) When using RDK, put the first, quiet hit on the "left hand" drum note, and the second, loud hit on the "right hand" drum note.

To be extra badass, maybe step (2) could incorporate some info from the ReGroove settings (if any) that apply to the current track to make the flam as musically appropriate as possible.

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