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chriscb65 2013-11-16 01:20

My Own Way
Here is my last song : "My Own Way" with Euphonic Strings and Parsec inside. Feel free to comment (on sound cloud or here ;) ).

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PeterLansford 2013-11-16 02:52

Cool track I enjoyed listening. I would've liked to hear some more bottom end on the pad sounds. The little squeaky sounds were a bit much as if something was invading my brain but whatever you like. I'm hearing some harsh frequency content on the repeating bass synth somewhere around 270 hz - not sure if this was intended but I think it would sound better with a little cut somewhere around there. Piano sounds like it's jumping out of the mix a little too much. Vocals are a nice touch and I would like to hear vocals a little brighter and closer to the front of the mix. Nice track though for sure I favorited / followed. Love that chill and dramatic sound you have going.

chriscb65 2013-11-16 17:33

Thank you for your advice (Like I say in the song... I ask for your advice, your wisdom and your visions ;) ).

I totally agree with you with the bass. It was not a problem with the mix but with one of the bass drum. I've lowered the velocity of the piano too.... I'm uploading a new mix on sound cloud right now.

Again, thanks for you very useful comments :)

LastAlternative 2013-11-16 21:04

Awesome trippy intro. I feel like I'm going to Shpongleland.
The beat is overpowered by the music. I can tell you boosted the hell out of the click on the kick. Sound bad to me. I would lower that click, raise the bottom, and revisit all the EQ on everything else. Great rhythm though when it kicks in after the intro. The distortoBass is badass! Not enough low end overall though.
Good job on the spreading. It's nice how the music comes in waves and calms down and then goes back into the rhythm.
Love the strings but they are also overpowering everything. No offense if that was your intention. Great melody.

chriscb65 2013-11-17 13:55

TorusFlow> I totally agree for the kick on the first version I've post. I've made a new mix with an other one that is less present. I like when the rhythm is a bit under the rest of the music, so yes, it was my intension to overpowering the strings... (And I'm not offended... I've ask for comments after all ;) ). Again, thank you for you comment :)

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