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skorry21 2002-04-01 02:13

WYD Song & Video
Weepy Young Devotchka, the electronic band I'm in, has a new video up for a song of ours at the below link. The sound quality is crap, but please watch the vid, and tell me what you think.
The video

arothman 2002-04-02 19:25

Re: WYD Song & Video
Well... that was kind of disturbing :) I'm not quite sure if I "got it" though... a guy beats up some girl in a trailer (at first I thought he was supposed to be beating himself until I got a good look at the face) and then he stabs her in the back and leaves her for dead, but she chases him out and then dies anyway... or maybe she goes to sleep... I'm not sure. Is that about right?


skorry21 2002-04-04 07:03

Re: WYD Song & Video
Yes, but the girl is a guy. And when it turns from b&w to color, it symbolizes guy#1's sudden understanding of what he has done, so he runs away. there is also more too it, but... O well, just have fun watching.

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