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scientist 2002-07-19 08:20

reason vs. protools: battle for midi supremacy
hiya, i'm hoping to find someone who has a solution to a somewhat strange midi problem.
when i have both reason and protools running at the same time, whenever reason is in the foreground with protools in the background, reason stops responding to midi events. if i switch back to pt in the foreground, reason responds to midi events. i have plenty of apps i run at the same time (pt, reason, refuse, absynth, reaktor) and reason works fine in the fore or background as long as pt isn't running. i tested absynth and reaktor to see if they had the same problem, and they don't...only reason in the foreground creates this anomaly.

if anyone else has had this problem, i'd love to hear how it was fixed. btw, i also posted on the digidesign board but they're so geeked about the digi002 i doubt i'll get a response.

mac g4 733
midiman keystation 49

thanks in advance for any light that can be shed on this problem!


bdeivert 2002-07-19 09:27

Re: reason vs. protools: battle for midi supremacy
:here is something i got on a discussion group that may help:


To control Reason via Pro Tools and have the audio fed into your 001 do this:

1. Setup two IAC busses in OMS: one called "Reason" and another called "PTLE". Save your new setup.

2. Inside Pro Tools LE, under the MIDI menu, select MIDI Beat Clock. Check to enable MIDI Beat Clock and select "PTLE" as the source. Click OK.

3. Create a MIDI track in PTLE and as the output, select "Reason-1". Setup and Aux Stereo Track in PTLE and what you'll have to do is get a 1/8" jack to 1/4" TRS jack and run the sound output of your Mac into the back of your 001. Then select whatever channel you have your Mac coming into the 001 as your input source for that Aux Track. That will be how all of Reasons sound will be routed into your 001. The downsides are that it's 16-bit and you only have a one stereo input for all your Reason tracks.

4. In Reason, in your Preferences palette, under Audio, select "SM Built-in" as the audio card. Also, make sure "Play in Background" is checked. You can't use the 001 as the sound card when PTLE is open since the DAE is already in use. Plus, you want the sound going out of your Mac output port so it gets fed into your 001 on that Aux track you already created.

5. Now under "Advanced Midi", Bus A, select "Reason". That's the Midi data coming from your Midi Tracks in PTLE when you select "Reason-x" as the output of any Midi Track.

5. Under MIDI Clock Sync" select "PTLE" and close the Preferences window.

6. Now at the very bottom of your Reason window, there's a button called "MIDI Sync Enable". Make sure that is highlghted by clicking on it. What that does is lets the PTLE transport control the Reason transport, so when you press Play in PTLE, Reason will begin to play as well on the same point in the timeline and at the same tempo...very cool!

7. Now create an instrument. For example purposes, create an NN19 and load a sound into it.

8. Now go up to the top of your Reason window and you'll notice that in the "Midi In" section, Bus A says "Reason". The 16 channels underneath that are the PTLE Midi tracks that can control whatever instrument you choose in Reason.

9. For this example, under "Channel 1", select the NN19 Sampler that you just created in step 7.

10. Now go back to PTLE.

11. For the Midi Track that you created with the output of "Reason-1", you can now enter Midi information on that track and it will be routed to (in this example) the NN19 Sampler track in Reason, and like I said before, wherever the Transport is in PTLE will coincide with where it is in
Reason...and the Reason teempo will be synced to your PTLE sessions tempo.

That's pretty much it. I have it setup this exact way and it works like a charm. Only downsides are the fact that you only have 1 stereo input coming in from Reason and it's 16-bit. If you have any problems...always make sure that "MIDI Sync Enbale" is checked at the bottom of your Reason window. Sometimes it becomes unchecked randomly (for me at least). But that should do it. If you have any more questions, Email me at or anyone else for that matter.

Hope this helps.

scientist 2002-07-19 18:10

Re: reason vs. protools: battle for midi supremacy
:thanks for the info. the problem turned out to be that 'run midi in background' wasn't checked in oms, but your post has lots of good info as well. fyi, if you haven't tried 'refuse' yet, it'll allow you to skip some of the steps you mentioned as well as give you more than 2 tracks from reason into protools. i've been using it and it works brilliantly. check it at

thanks again!

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