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2hot 2002-07-22 10:37

Guitars.(my daddy always said...)
Yo Wazzuuup,:)
I'm busy with a nice lounge song. But (damn I hate myself now when I never listened to my dad when I was young) I can't play guitar.But in the song it would be nice if I had some nice rifs and chords.Does anybody know a nice refill,ore nice guitar wav site?
The song is 105bpm and in Amin.

My music.(70%Made in Reason)

Slickie 2002-07-22 18:28

2hot...your site is great...
are you a flash designer. I am an art director in So Cal. I am also a guitar player into doing music like lounge...other than the same old hip hop, trance etc blah blah blah. Do you by chance live in Southern Cal.

2hot 2002-07-22 18:40

Re: 2hot...your site is great...
Well,it's not really my site.My music is on that site,but a very talanted young boy made the site for the recordcompany.
I composed 6 songs for that dvd.
But thanx anyway.:)))
I live Holland,Hilversum (near Amsterdam).
So that's a little bit far away I think..:(
I'm in to lounge,and ambient and anything slow.

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