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anthonyw 2002-08-06 05:53

Insane cover song in the making :)
Hey people...I recently made a post on "MIDI Files" and it was about a cover track's lead synth that I was working on. I finally got it right and I just need to share this with you all. As far as actually releasing the cover song goes...I've already contacted XTREME Records and I am waiting for a response. I wanted to keep it under wraps, but until then I guess it wouldn't hurt to let you all just listen to an MP3 of what I have done with the lead synth. It definitely isn't going to be the sound you currently hear, but I will probably use the Malstrom for it. I also believe this will give you all smiles to know that something like this can be done with what most of you already have at your disposal! Anyway if you're still actually reading all of this and didn't just skip to the MP3, the song is "Without You" by the Digital Allies :)

blank 2002-08-06 18:30

Another insane cover song in the making...
...with the emphasis on insane. :-P

Chet Baker on the mic, yours truly on the tweaks. All Reason 2. Don't be surprised if it ends abruptly about halfway through, because... it does. Gonna finish it one of these days.

My F***** Valentine

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