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DjDarkside 2002-08-06 06:58

Who wants to share some ideas????????
I was wondering if anyone wants to share an RNS file thats shows some different ways to use the effects in reason. Like can you hook up the delay device to the matrix and will it do something and what if so? i experiment but i always forget how to hook it up because im ususallly just guessing. so if u wanna share thatll be coo. thanks.


DJKS 2002-08-08 02:00

Re: Who wants to share some ideas????????
I tried to do some of the same things and I used a second mixer with a cool ambient pad in the subtractor. I wired it to the matrix in the CurveCV and sent the mixer2 out puts into the mixer1 effects loop. Then I turned it up on an open channel(like a guitar) and pressed play. the matrix played the pad and delay as feed back in the effects loop. It was GNARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after about 20 seconds the sound was too much to take. I wanted to DISEMBOWL MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to use it in a song. If I can duplicate it I'll post it on the songs board.


P.S. Check out my cut on the song board. OLD SKOOL RULES!

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