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albertfox 2002-08-16 02:14

Reason 2.0+Cubase 5.1r1 mac + QT sync problems on Ti PB 550
I have a Ti powerbook 550, 1 GB RAM. Last night, for the first time (due to high work load, server errors, and not having Cubase 5.1r1), I was able to run a succesful rewire session with Cubase and Reason! Amazing I thought! Since the project I am currently working on calls for scoring to picture (a commercial for some action figures), I imported a quicktime file into Cubase's movie tracks, all the while Rewire and Reason were working. When I tried to play it this time, audio came in for a split second and then was sputtering and chugging along. If I collapse the window for the QT movie, everything is fine, but otherwise I get that audio hiccup.

I also tried running this on the rig at work - a dual 450 G4, also 1 GB RAM. It played perfectly. I was depressed and thinking I needed comfort, still no Nicole Kidman around to hold me and wipe my tears!

A few weeks ago, I had to work on another project that called for scoring to picture again, only this one wasn't as tight, not too many hits. Since I didn't have Rewire working then I simply would start the QT player (luckily there was 2 secs of black at the top of the spot) and as the picture was about to start, I would start Reason. It worked well, no sputtering, everything played fine.

That proved to me that my laptop was fast enough to handle it, it was after all, playing a quicktime file (with sound) and running Reason (although not in sync).

Does anyone know what I can do to try and alleviate this situation? I have already tried running all of this off of a different drive becuase laptop drives are Sloooooowwww. I used an external 7200 RPM firewire drive and the same thing happened - even though everything was on that drive ( I installed Cubase 5.1r1, Reason 2.0, and that dumb action figure QT file).

I could always go back to using tape, but would rather not unless absolutely necessary. And the only reason I need Cubase at this point is to sync the QT movie to Reason but that is not working.

Calgon take me away!!

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