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Darstar 2002-08-31 18:33

How to make a song?
How do we create a song? I read the manual and i didn't understand. I'm the kind of person that understand when someone xplain to me. Can you tell me where to go in the tuts and the manual? . Do we need a Keyboard?

bruno2000 2002-08-31 19:16

Re: How to make a song?
To explain all that i'd have to write for half an hour..
I'm new to it too ,but i've managed so far.
You don't need a keyboard but it sure as hell is alot more fun!
Just download some songs ,load them and look at each instrument while it plays.

roland303 2002-08-31 19:44

Re: How to make a song?
That's a very broad question, could you be more specific? I'm sure you'll get more help that way instead of the typical RTFM responses.

Specifically which parts of the manual don't you understand?

keet 2002-09-02 11:16

turn everyting on..sit back-Smoke a big spliff..and wait....
B I N G just wrote a song.!

mong0os3 2002-09-03 16:37

all of the above=valid

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