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xphilius 2002-09-05 02:57

Frustrating Ableton Live and Reason 2 looping problem...
Oh fellow Prop-Users,
I posted a message about this a couple of weeks ago, both here and at Ableton's forum and I have found no resolution.

Here is the problem. When I enable Reason input into Live and turn on looping, the Reason sequencer skips the very first note. There might also be a skip besides that initial mossed loop, I can't quite tell.

Ideally, if these two progs worked together the way I thought they would, I would want it to wrk this way:

1. Set up long looping sections in Reason using both the sequencer and the other instruments that can play back patterns, maybe even setting up a bunch of sub mixes for A, B and C sections of a song.

2. Set up a bunch of looped song sections within Live, A, B, and C sections of a song that can be layered with Reason.

3. During performance I would use a keyboard, or a foot pedal to trigger the live mixer to switch between Reason submixes, while triggering the looped audio in Live at the same time.

4. I would switch between playing the quitar or other instruments while triggering basically fixed song sections with a foot pedal, and playing Live and Reason up close with a MIDI keyboard and something like a PhatBoy controller with lots of knobs and sliders.

I really like using Reason as a looping instrument for use in performance, as opposed to using Live and Reason to compose linear compositions and just playing them back. How are other people using the improvisational power of Live, along with Reason in performance?

I am guessing this is just some kind of latency problem, am I just not using Rewire and Live correctly? It appears as if you have to set up to record Reason, which is where I guess the latency is coming from. Is there another way to monitor Reason from within Live?

Thanks much in advance. I know lots of people are using these two incredible programs together, someone must be doing something like this. Any ideas?


zilch 2002-09-05 10:56

Re: Frustrating Ableton Live and Reason 2 looping problem...
I'm not sure what your problem may be but I do not think it's latency. When you rewire, the Master takes over the latency time. So if there's latency in one prog there should be equal latency in the other prog. If I'm wrong, someone let me know.

IZNODJ 2002-09-06 07:27

Re: Frustrating Ableton Live and Reason 2 looping problem...
I have the same bug... With Live and DP... It looks as if Reason does not react very well when looped in slave mode... Rewire or non-rewire...
I tried with an external sequencer ( Roland XP-80 ), thus non-rewire mode, and it worked fine only when Reason was in loop mode and the XP not in loop mode...
Don't have the solution though... But it should be working :-(

good luck

bodhi71 2008-06-03 00:47

I gotta no help for ya just wanna say WHY CAN"T EVER BE EASY!!!!

dioxide 2008-06-03 14:40

Thankfully things have gotten better since 2002.

raapie 2008-06-04 14:04


Originally Posted by dioxide (Post 575826)
Thankfully things have gotten better since 2002.

cracked versions suck big time.

gianni1234 2008-06-04 17:23

I have the same thing.
Itas kinda surprising after years they still havnt fixed it. but i guess thats the nature of software, its never perfect.
the more stuff u get, the more places there are for conflict.
why cant all these programs just get along, dont they know its better to make love not war

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