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Searching1 2002-10-25 02:56

Hey, Hey, Hey! Check out my new tune!
Wait, actually its not that new, but I am new to the board, so it still counts, right? Anyway, check out Temporarily Two in my web site, made solely with Reason and my guitar. If you like it check out another tune.

And oh yeah, if anyone has time to give feedback, it'd be much appreciated... Like I said, I'm new.

Dig it.

lancehayes 2002-11-04 23:26

I like the progression...
Almost missed you down here! :)

So my thoughts on the arrangement for Temp. 2 are:

The drums sound too loopy and the segues are sloppy. I.E. the drums sound splattery in the transitions.

The mix is a little quiet. If you can export the track rewired from the DAW that you did the guitar in. Use it to add a bit more volume. The other tracks are at a good level.

The arrangement is nice and light with the choir sound.

A few tweaks.

I like the "We're Alone Now" track quite well. :)
Hard House Number is ok but the volume keeps jumping like you ran the master mix through compression that was a bit harsh until the individual sounds were exposed. Maybe back the ratio off on it a little. Say 1.5:1.0 instead of what sounds like 3 or 4 to 1.

Just my thoughts. The material is good. Fix some of the production issues and you are in!

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