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7spooner7 2002-11-07 18:51

protools LE (or free) and reason 1.0 - interfacing
i currently have protools free (getting protools LE) on mac OS 9.1 and reason 1.0. right now i can play back my protools session while recording in real time in reason. slaving reason to protools. after recording i am able to play back my reason recording through the protools session but only if i start it from the begginning. i have no control over the protools midi track from reason. what i would like to do is treat that midi track from reason as any other protools track; automate volume, eq, balances. and then mix down in protools. any ideas? currently i have to ghetto style it by exporting the reason recording as an aif and then importing into protools as an audio track. what a pain. i would totally appreciate a hand with this. thanks.

DJAltEgo 2002-11-07 19:02


Grab Refuse.

Props - U gotta put this in the Faq, I mean really.
Refuse Software - cheap and gud!

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