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compozi 2002-11-08 04:29

DoruMALAIA-Songs with my bands and singers (FREE download)!
I beginning to post on the Net and songs by me in interpretation of my new bands and singers !
Here you have first 6 vocal-instrumental songs :

Doru MALAIA-"I never change myself !"(interpretation-band Supergirls) (4'04",vocal-instrumental,dance, 3,7 mb)

Doru MALAIA-"I want you !"(interpretation-band Supergirls) (4'28",vocal-instrumental,house, 4,1 mb)

Doru MALAIA-"Your love"(interpretation-band FX3 (Mihaela Mihai)) (4'12",vocal-instrumental,dance, 3,9 mb)

Doru MALAIA-"The farewell kiss"(interpretation-band S.O.S.) (5'05",vocal-instrumental,euro-pop, 4,7 mb)

Doru MALAIA-"Love me as you know !"(singer-Olivia Neamtu) (3'22",vocal-instrumental,dance, 3,1 mb)

Doru MALAIA-"Father Christmas"(singer-Oana Cristea(12 years old !)) (3'12",vocal-instrumental,Christmas music, 2,9 mb)

All of those songs can be downloaded FREE (!) from my webpage DORU MALAIA WORLD !
Here you have the link :

You 'll find on this location (and can download FREE !) and my instrumental songs :

Doru MALAIA-"So far" (5'56",instrumental,electronic-ambiental, 5,43 mb)

Doru MALAIA-"I want to live !" (7'49",instrumental,progressive symphonic rock, 7,2 mb)

Doru MALAIA-"November"(short version) (3'40",instrumental,ambiental piano music, 3,4 mb)

In the next days i will put on the Net other and other songs by me , vocal-instrumental (with my new bands and singers ) or instrumental !
So , if you are interested , visit daily my webpage !

Enjoy my friends ! I give you all those from all my heart !


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