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Circus69 2002-11-22 04:14

Anyone using Reason w/MOTU DP3 and ProTools 24TDM?
I can't seem to get complete answers from m-audio regarding using Reason 2.0, MOTU's DP3.11, and ProTools. Every time I ask them a question they give me an incomplete answer. One tech told me about a plug in called "Refuse" which is supposed to let Reason work with ProTools. He of course had no experience with it and did not tell me where to find it. I want to use Reason as sound modules, DP 3.11 as a sequencer, and ProTools to mix. As soon as Digi integrates a professional level sequencer into ProTools, I will likely abandon DP3. Native instruments makes a virtual B3 that shows up in ProTools as inputs. Is Reason supposed to do this too? I can never get Reason to open in Rewire mode with DP 3.11 and midi does not trigger through OMS properly. It seems to double trigger. By the way, what are they going to do when Macs no longer run OMS?

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