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eric007 2002-11-23 07:09

Tribal Drums
I'm doing a song with an Indian melody that I want to play over some tribal drums, but I'm not finding the drum sound I want. The closest thing I've found was using the Tablong patch in the Malstrom. I saw a tutorial somewhere but can't find it again. If anyone has either a good refill, soundfont, or way to use Reason's default soundbank to get a tribal drum sound please let me know.

drumyon 2002-11-23 09:12

Re: Tribal Drums
why not just sample the real thing and use it ?

DIGITUS 2002-11-23 14:01

If he had the real thing would he had post a request? n/t

eric007 2002-11-23 18:45

So true :-(
So any idea's just using Reason, since I can't afford to actually buy drums at this current moment in time...

drumyon 2002-11-23 19:30

So what's your suggestion einstein??

drumyon 2002-11-23 19:43

Re: Tribal Drums
Suggestion #1.
Get your portable DAT and walk into a drum shop/music store that has an instrument with a sound you like. Take it into a quieter area of the store and sample it. When your done put the instrument back where you found it and go home.

dont like that idea?

Suggestion #2.
Find some nicely sampled large open drum sounds (i.e. conga, tomtoms, etc.) from the reason refill (there are a few in there) and load them into a NNXT and play around with the envelope and tuning. There are lots of free samples for download on sites like Dancetech as well. Im sure you'll be able to come up with something close if not exactly what you want. Or if you have a native sampler like Kontakt or Battery that would be even better.


Subsonica 2002-11-24 02:30

Re: Tribal Drums
I'm a bit of a tabla freak, personally, and have just bought Pure Tabla by zero-g. It doesn't have any single tabla hits to sample (loop samples only), but you should be able to capture the individual sounds by loading the REX2 files into NN-XT.

I haven't actually taken it out of its wrapping yet (it was posted through my door while I was out yesterday), but I'll give it a whirl later when my Sunday morning hangover wears off.

Pure Tabla

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