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Erick 2002-12-11 22:10

Instrumental Music?....SomeOne??
Instrumental Music?....SomeOne??
I have uploaded my own Instrumental songs an would appreciate it very much if you let me know what you think of it.........
Instrumental Music - Reason

martyn356 2002-12-12 15:48

Re: Instrumental Music?....SomeOne??
::Instrumental Music?....let me know what you think of it.........

Eric -

track one - a mixture of dead can dance and debussy! Very atmospheric. It's nice to hear someone else using reason for more than just banging techno and drum and bass. Good mixing, nice sense of space.

track two - I loved the way the reverb creates a sound collage from the flute/string changes, quite Eno. Plus the piano has just enough presence to carry it off. Very relaxing.

track 3 - what piano sample are you using? It's way better than the one I've been using!!! This is my favourite one, love the piano trills and the way it all builds. Perhaps the melody line (high piano) could be a bit louder before all the pther instruments join in.

track 4 - You do like that big reverb!! Great when the drum bit starts then it stops too soon. Could have had that bit sooner. Potentially Michael Nymanesqe but perhaps too many notes.


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