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cindyr 2002-12-16 10:48

The future of music & sales?
I was just thinking about the future of music and sales,dist. etc and thinking the future does not look all that bright.I have been told by many that sales of house ,trance,techno and so on on have been dropping for the last years but lately sales are very hard..I sometimes wonder if people do not care about buying records and cd's and prefer to download mp3s or due to technology like Reason..there is not much interest to buy others music..but to share via the web etc..What do you think the future lies in music and sales,dist ,internet dist etc??

tuukka 2002-12-16 11:24

Re: The future of music & sales? (long)
Obviously internet is major treath to record sales, and now it seems that cd copy-protections are making it even worse. Technically music piracy follows one rule.If it can be heard, it can be copied. So, I think new medias are obsolete.
Maeby in future, live music will come more precious than ever. More live TV- and Radioshows, more live internet channels. This would mean that the artist would have to be paid in advance.
For example artists would be more in contact with managing agencies. Those would then promote and book "on-air-time" for them.
Funny that internet currently doing much damage for the industry can in future provide ways revolutionize the industry second time.

But for the part where you said that " due to technology like Reason... " , I don't think so. Even the finest piece of music gear with artificial intelligence can never compete with true human talent.

I would like to see more "specialised" instrument players in modern music genre. Like way back in the 60's and 70's when there weren't so much tool to mess around with. If Clavia would build a keyboard and a box around Malstr

WEASE 2002-12-16 13:47

Re: The future of music & sales?(long rant, sorry!)
..Who wants to buy glorified Kareoke anyway!!??!!
It seems that the big guns of the industry are only interested in selling anything that has first had a 3 month run on a TV show, with the public ringing in and guarenteing sales for rehashed covers of old classics with a bom bom beat behind...current top 10 singles in the UK include 2 from pop "idols" - one called "cheeky girls (smack my arse - or something equally as inane!)" and the obligitory Robee williams track...can't wait for the 2 pop idol singles to be released
.....but wait
whats this
Kerrang/MTV2 alternative channels doing well
Coldplay/oasis having more succesful tours than Blue/WestLife
albums outselling singles
The explosion in the Skate thing with the kids (you can now get fined

jibberish666 2002-12-16 15:56

Good - less icons, more good music.
It was only an inefficient means of distribution that gave the likes of Elton John and Queen all the money they now have. The less money these over-hyped, under-talented twats get, the better. Long live the MP3.

lol4882 2002-12-16 20:01

Re: Good - less icons, more good music.
You wrote "under-talented" refering to Queen ?
If indeed their talent is under yours, I'd like to listen to what you produced. (another one bites the dust ;-)

Also it is not so much the means of distribution, it is the means of promotion (ie getting ppl to listen) that make the difference.

I've been playing the CD of The Streets to friends and they all like it. My take is the more music you have heard, the more educated you become about what's good, so the MP3 phenomenon will improve overall quality.

seiche 2002-12-16 22:41

Re: The Streets
Holy sh*t I cannot get enough of that cd. The stories he tells are great, and the beats are unique. Much better than the stale, everything sounds the same, boring hip-hop we get clobbered over the head with here in the states. I can tell you I am not looking forward to hearing the new J-Lo song every 5 minutes for the next 3 months.

He played here (chicago) live about a month or so ago....and I missed it!

It was one of those things where I heard about it two days after the show. Still kicking myself for that one.

drumyon 2002-12-16 23:46

The future of which music/sales?
:I have been told by many that sales of house ,trance,techno and so on on have been dropping for the last years but lately sales are very hard..

Ok, house, trance, techno "and-so-on"... What exactly do you mean by "and-so-on"?

Who is telling you this? And are they speaking about ALL music genres or just the dance/techno stuff?

Personally, I dont see many record companies going bankrupt/fileing Chap. 11 as of late so I would guess that sales are not THAT bad.

supersweeet 2002-12-17 00:02

Re: The Streets - what tha????
At the risk of starting a holy war...

I find The Streets boring. The beats used are the same for the whole of the song. The rhymes and scansion are so contrived they're painful.

I mean he seems like a nice bloke and all and it's a different take but really, there's nothing special about his music.


iamzoner 2002-12-17 00:05

I predict a revolution to happen...
I predict that eventually we are going to see a shift from selling albums to selling singles. Back to the way it all started. I also predict that we are going to see a shift from hardcopy music to virtual music. IE: I think record selling outlets are going to be slowly changed from media retail outlets to either virtual music retail locations in some form, or done away with all together as people can purchase their favorite singles and download them directly to their media storage devices.

So your future trip to the music store may consist of going to select your group of latest singles in online retail booths and paying a per diem charge for each song, then downloading a copy of them to your virtual player instead of wading through endless landfill waste of racks with hard media like we do today.



Vancouver B.C. Canada

supersweeet 2002-12-17 00:13

Re: The future of music & sales?
Tukka hit the nail on the head. If people spend less on recorded music they will have more in their pocket to spend on live acts. [They might take this money and buy other stuff, but if they were prepared to spend $x on entertainment before it's reasonable to expect they'll spend the same amount on entertainment later.]

Music sharing won't kill the music industry because there is still value in buying a cd even though you can get it for free. This is b/c there is value in being able to go and buy a cd rather than wasting time finding, downloading and burning it.

What music sharing does threaten to do is strip out monopoly profits that are being made by publishers and distributors. This means that not only will people have more money to spend on live music, they will get more live music for their dollar.

Rumours of the music industry's demise have been exaggerated.


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