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vectro 2003-01-16 18:47

Dual processor support?
Would Reason take advantage of a dual processor computer?

That goes for both a dual processor Mac with OS X or a dual processor PC with Win XP...

arothman 2003-01-16 20:06

Re: Dual processor support?
I've got a dualie G4, but I don't think Reason does anything with it... of course, I wouldn't know how to monitor such a thing...


cytech1972 2005-11-10 15:10

Re: Dual processor support?
i have got a dual core amd 4400.
i get this pc is to slow message when trying to do to much but it works fine on me p4 3002

carlsen 2005-11-10 23:38

Re: Dual processor support?
Would Reason take advantage of a dual processor computer?
:That goes for both a dual processor Mac with OS X or a dual processor PC with Win XP...

As fat as I know Reason uses ( in OS X) one processor to handle the audio processing and one for the graphics.

Usualy the audio handling is much more cpu hungry than showing the graphics. In other words: one cpu could be pressing itself to its limits while the other cpu isn't doing much.


EnochLight 2005-11-11 03:36

Re: Dual processor support?
As nufidelity stated, it does in OSX with dual CPU's, but on a PC it's not coded to take advantage of dual cores. However, you will notice that you can multitask with dual core CPU's on a PC without even having to wait for crap coded specifically.

For example, as I write this I am locking FX in Audition 1.5 for a project I am working on. It's taking virtually 100% of my CPU cycles on my single core system to do this, and my web browser is acting like it is as slow as molasses in January. I don't even dare launch Outlook nor do anything else!

With dual cores I would be able to multitask without issue. I could be locking my FX in Audition and slamming away at another task and still have power to spare.

If you're starting this thread because you are wondering whether or not dual cores are something you should consider, don't even think about it: dual cores are the future and what you should get if you are upgrading soon. Both Intel and AMD are pushing their product lines to focus on dual core CPU's, and since Intel will be supplying Mac with their CPU's in the near future you are bound to see Mac's with dual cores shortly.

I?m a gamer and even I want a dual-core system; it just makes sense. I?ll happily sacrifice a few FPS to multitask with ease.

As for cytech1972, I?d like to take a gander at his Reason project files. To get a ?computer too slow? with a dual-core Athlon 64 X2 4400+ just blows my mind!

Anywho go for it; they're "da bomb". ;-)

scaryclown 2005-11-11 07:09

Re: Dual processor support?
What Enoch said.

I have a dual core (the new Pentium D chips). Until apps are coded to share the load across both cores, you will not see an immediate improvemnt per say. Dual cores act as a single core until, as Enoch said, you start doing other task, then the info for those commands gets piped to the other core. So a single app open in a 3.0 dual core will ac r just like a 3.0 single core, no difference at all. Howver start doing other tasks and the dual core comes into play, not affecting the other process or the system as a whole.

One thing to note; Rewire does NOT benefit from a dual core (yet). The way Rewire is coded it only allows Windows to see it as 1 app still and processes it as such. Now if you open, say Reason first then Abletons Live (bypassing Rewire) Windows see's that as 2 seperate process and then the dual core comes into play.

But all in all, if you get a dual core now, you will be set for a few years, me thinks.

gvon 2005-11-11 10:39

Re: Dual processor support?
Dual core sounds so tight! I can't wait to get one. Especially since my Dual Monitor setup eats so much CPU power. I can only imagine that in 10 years they'll probably have 100xcore processors. You know how they compare the brain to a CPU is like parallel processing to serial processing? Well CPUs are gonna get to super parallel processing power with this great Multi-Core technology.

G-Von Out!

vectro 2005-11-11 14:08

Huh? This thread is almost 3 years old.... [n/t]

scaryclown 2005-11-11 21:48

Weird. I Didn't Even Notice Until Now. Hmm. Oh Well {N/T}

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