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blank 2003-02-07 17:23

Where is that juicy MIDI keyboard?
I'm about to buy a used Korg Triton. For what, the sounds? Not really, but to get a decent controller keyboard for software synths.

The way I see it, there's this strange gap in the current MIDI keyboard market.

*** Why doesn't anyone attempt to make something that's not a made-in-China toy? ***

I'm talking 61/76/88 keys and a big panel with tons of faders and knobs, at least 16 of each, and preferably with LED displays next to each knob. A deluxe MIDI keyboard. But there isn't one. I've been playing keyboards for some 25 years and I just can't get used to these damn 49 key things... it's like being a jumbojet pilot and then somebody hands you a single seat Cessna and says "there, fly those 450 passengers to Paris now."

Yes, there are some 61-key USB-to-MIDI keyboards (Radium etc), but they're still cheapo (no aftertouch etc), and usually don't have the knobs and faders that the smaller models have. I want the keyboard quality/response/features found in a hardware synth... only I don't want the synth part.

Gimme a Korg Triton, lose the synth, cram the panel full of faders and knobs and weird controllers like the Midiman SurfaceOne, Roland D-beam, whatever.

I'm not expecting Evolution, M-Audio or Edirol to solve this, it's more of a Roland/Korg/Yamaha product. Don't they see a market here? I mean, if they want to be around in the future they'd better explore a niche that relates to the software synth market, and dedicated hardware synths isn't that niche. Or are they making toyish MIDI controllers as some kind of statement about software synths?

Some of us ARE still "real" keyboard players who want an *instrument* and couldn't care less about portability or other "DJ" sales points.


trinity3 2003-02-07 18:11

Re: Where is that juicy MIDI keyboard? I want one too...
I totally agree with you Fred... I can deal with my KeyStation 61 for the time being, but it IS very plastic and simple... That new Novation controller looks really cool, albeit only 25 keys. They should jump the market and make it bigger! They have the right idea (app specific templates) and everyone else talks of great things to come, but where are they? Seems like I'm saving space on my Jerker for nothing more than empty water bottles and scrap paper... :-(

ergo909 2003-02-07 19:27

Re: Where is that juicy MIDI keyboard?
Check out Doepfer stuff.

The cheapest PK88 price tag is around 800

SiKo 2003-02-07 20:54

Re: Where is that juicy MIDI keyboard?
yeah, have a REGELWERK and a PK888 and your ready to go!

MattPeacock 2003-02-07 22:38

Fred: one very good option: Oberheim!
Try Oberheim MC2000 or MC3000. Master keyboards with good weighted keyboards and loads of MIDI controls. Built like tanks.

Turnkey ( sell them in UK. I haven't got the space for one, but I've used one in the past and they are fab.

Here's a review in Sound On Sound:

DjVampeal 2003-02-08 04:08

Korg Triton
You're buying a Korg Triton, one of the greatest and most expensive synths ever, to use it as a MIDI Controller? LoL, you better use those sound banks a lot, or I'll find you and smack you, then steal your Triton :P

Ogggy 2003-02-08 05:39

Re: Where is that juicy MIDI keyboard?
As you probably know, there are issues with having the keyboard and controllers together in one pipe, you have to remap the keyboards' controllers to controller numbers unused by any Reason device, and there aren't that many (less than 16).

I got a Fatar/Studiologic SL-880, good quality and weighted hammer action, and it also is built like a tank. Now, I'm really not a good source for all-important "feel", but I really like it-not too heavy (for novice me), but not too light either (I've felt lighter weighted hammer action keyboards). I was going to go with a Roland or something that had synth-weighted action (up from my Evo 249c), but I just loved how most all of those much better keyboards felt at the piano stores, and when I found this one for $600 online, I broke down and got it. And I will get a seperate controller surface which will probably be better at it's specific job to boot.

blank 2003-02-08 08:06

Re: Korg Triton
: You're buying a Korg Triton, one of the greatest and most expensive synths ever, to use it as a MIDI Controller? LoL, you better use those sound banks a lot, or I'll find you and smack you, then steal your Triton :P

Hey, it gets better - I'm buying a used Triton, that is, used by *me*. We bought it and a bunch of other gear at my old workplace (a multimedia agency) in 1999 and after I left last april it's been collecting dust in a corner. And I didn't use the Triton much back then either - there was a JV-1010, a NordRack2, an e-mu E4XT Ultra, and the Triton, and I always ended up using the sounds from everything but the Triton. It served mainly as my inbox for papers, and holding my coffee cup.

So, in summary, I'm buying the most underappreciated Triton ever, for next to nothing, and I plan to keep up the tradition of underappreciation. Poor thing.

I might buy a Triton Studio though, because it looks better, and has a CD tray that I can use as a beverage holder. ;-P

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