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ralphiedee 2003-02-12 18:55

Recycle and Cubase
I have Cubase 51r1 running with a Gina 20 bit sound card. All I'm trying to do is to have Cubase run on Gina outputs 1/2 and Recycle run on Gina outputs 3/4. I set Cubase to outputs 1/2 and Recycle to outputs 3/4. While Cubase is open I try to launch Recycle and I get an error saying another app has taken over the sound channel. Recyle wont run so I have to quit it and I see it resets the prefs to output 1/2. I see the Recycle read me says in order to use both Cubase and Recycle togeher you need to run OMS. I don't have samplers hooked up to Recycle I'm just using it for aif editing.
any help?

RejectedMusic 2003-02-12 19:39

Re: Recycle and Cubase
Why do you need to run the two program simultanously???

I don't have a Gina 20 Bit myself, but think your problem is that the first program is grabbing your audio-driver... The audio-card can't be run from more than one application at ones, even if it comes with more than one output...

ralphiedee 2003-02-12 19:59

Re: Recycle and Cubase
Now I'm totally lost. Let me clarify when I mean run them both, I mean, lets say I'm listening to an arrangement /track whatever in Cubase and I stop Cubase, go into Recycle and edit a new aif to import to Cubase. The way I have it set up now is Cubase runs thru my Gina card on outputs 1/2 thru the breakout boxand out to a line of a mixer. I went to the preferences set up in Recycle which the default is Gina output 1/2 and changed it so it's output goes thru the Gina 3/4. out of the breakout box I have cables running from 3/4 to another line in an audio mixer. So what your sayin is that no matter what when I have the asio driver running Cubase I can't have another app like recycle run using the same driver even though my soundcard has 8 outs?

RejectedMusic 2003-02-12 20:38

Re: Recycle and Cubase
I believe so...

Have you tried running Recycle with another driver? (Direct-X/MME)

Maybe that would work, but I'm really not sure...

ralphiedee 2003-02-13 03:58

Re: Recycle and Cubase
the only driver for the Gina 20 bit is the 4.0 i cannot believe that there isn't anyone using Cubase and Recycle with an audio card with multiple outsthat can tell me how to use both with the same driver.

RejectedMusic 2003-02-13 14:45

Re: Recycle and Cubase
In short, you can't!!!

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