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MC Snuggle of El Robot 2003-03-04 13:54

Maelstrom synth...The real deal?
If I was to want an analogue synth just like Maelstrom but for less than $1000, what would anyone recommend? Looking at the Korg MS 2000, the MicroKorg, Alesis ION, and the Novation K-Station. Are any of those close to as cool as Maelstrom or can you suggest some other ones for me to research? I am really looking for something exactly like the Maelsrom in almost every way.


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coldmachine 2003-03-04 14:29

Re: Maelstrom synth...The real deal?
::No analog will do that as it uses wavetables.The nearest is the Waldorf Microwave/XT which will do the wavetable stuff including user wavetables.It makes Maelstrom( and any other software synths) sound like a toy, as do all the Waldorfs.It has amazing filters and mod options.I've owned one for 3 years and it is the "real deal".There is a software editor from Soundtower which gives total control over loading the user wavetables.NOT a beginners machine though.The only problem is that sometimes it sounds too huge,its always better to get it into a track early if you want to use it...any owner will confirm that

mrtn 2003-03-04 14:32

Re: Maelstrom synth...The real deal?
I don't know if there are hardware graintable synths (don't think so though) but the two Korg synths are your best way of getting into analogue'esque synths for the money.


benwalker 2003-03-04 15:40

Hartmann Neuron...hardware Maelstrom?
the only synth i've seen with the properties of the maelstrom is the neuron. Very expensive, but claims to allow you to freeze formants adn sections of a sound, and then play it back...something very similar to the maelstrom idea.

on the plus side, it does allow you to record your own waveforms...


coldmachine 2003-03-04 15:46

Re: Hartmann Neuron...hardware Maelstrom?
:The Neuron is a "Re-Synthesizer" and not at all like the Maelstrom the only thing like the Neuron was the Axel Re-Sythesizer.The closest to the Maelstrom is the Microwave series but they are vastly higher specified.

benwalker 2003-03-04 19:25

okay...i'll shut up now.... :( (n/t)

mikemidi 2003-03-04 19:43

Or there is the new Roland V-synth..looks malstrom-like.nt.

orangefunk 2003-03-04 22:07

Re: okay...i'll shut up now.... :( (n/t)
no you were quite right, I've heard the Neuron and I immediately thought ahh "Malstrom".. in fact 70% of the patches I heard were like the Malstrom... might have a different engine but then so has the Waldorf...

bliss000 2003-03-05 03:15

Re: Maelstrom synth...The real deal?
I think the Waldorf Micro Q is the closest to the Malstrom.
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