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jazzbass12 2003-03-21 02:01

Reason as sequencer with Sonar
Hope soemone can assist.
I am using Sonar 2.2. I want to use Reason for playing my midi tracks. Cant get it to work . I inserted my Rewire and set up the midi track for rewire device. I am probaly doing that wrong. When I Insert rewire device shoudl I select (all synth outputs) ,if I am tryingto use Reason as a soft synth with my midi tracks?

Example one of my midi tracks is drums (ch10 midi) how would I get reason togenerate the drum tracks?

Same for a String track. How would I get Reason to generate a Orkester patch.

Thanks Much In Advance

trinity3 2003-03-21 05:31

Is Sonar 2.2 Rewire 2 compatible? N/T

lucille 2003-03-21 05:58

Re: yes
this the reason link--try the sonar manual.

works very well

jazzbass12 2003-03-21 16:05

In Syth Options what do I check
If I want to run several Pre programed midi tracks thru Reason, when I insert Synth what do I check off in the Synth Otions box? What do I need to do in Reason to have several modules at once playing from my several midi tracks?
Can I run drum tracks (ch10) thru the drum module in Reason?
Rich O

jakpot 2003-03-21 19:46

Re: In Syth Options what do I check
I don't remember since I don't have my stuff right in front of me, but I think you only need two things checked in the synth rack... one from each column.

But after that... it is all very easy. For each MIDI track in Sonar, just make the 'out' so it is Reason. Then, make sure the devices you want to use are already created in Reason. Those devices should be on the channel list in Sonar for each track. It works like a piece of cake.

One thing I would do different though is instead of running drums straight into Reason, I recommend creating drums maps in Sonar. If you try to play a song with General MIDI drums, it is too hard to get it set up so the bass drum plays the right note... and on and on. I have a drum map set-up so it directs General MIDI drums to two different ReDrums, one for cymbals, and one for drums. So now, if I open a song with GM drums, I just change the 'out' for the track to the drum map I created, and it works perfect!

Sorry if this confused the issue more for you... it is hard to explain when I don't have it right in front of me.


jazzbass12 2003-03-21 22:53

Re: In Syth Options what do I check
I seemed to of got it going. Now when I patch say,NN19 it has stereo outs. How do I get stereo playback thru Sonar? Itried runing it to 2 differnt patchs on Reason but SOnar only lets me play one and it seems to decide which one. Is the sound I am hearing both left and righ running as mono??

I still dont understand the drum part you mentioned. Are you saying I should write a seperate cymbal track and seperate drum track?

Thanks for all you help.

lucille 2003-03-22 05:13

Re: yay jakpot
your the only one I've heard touting sonar drm maps--it really tranforms redrum potential

jakpot 2003-03-22 06:56

Re: In Syth Options what do I check
OK... it starts to get complicated now, kind of. There are a few ways to get the signal back from Reason into Sonar, and the best way depends on what you want and what your setup allows.

1. Using the mixer:
If you just use the Reason mixer for all the automation of Reason instruments, then you only need one audio track in Sonar to pipe Reason back into. This is the easiest, and I think for most purposes is the best idea. Sonar can see the mixer as one stereo track (channels 1 & 2), so you don't have to worry about you stereo Reason tracks being converted to mono.

2.Using the Hardware Interface:
This is a little more complicated, and I haven't figured out everything about it yet. The thing about this is, each Reason device needs an audio track in Sonar (and two audio tracks in Sonar if you want to preserve the stereo signal). This can get kind of busy if you also do the sequencing in Sonar, since you would need the MIDI track and up to two Audio tracks for each instrument. So, I recommend using the Mixer, atleast until you are more familiar with how ReWire works.

About the drum map... it can get complicated too. Read the Sonar manual about how to make a drum map. To make the drum map work with Reason... you have to enable ReWire before trying to make it work. In Reason, I make two ReDrums right away, the first for drums (channel 3) and the second for cymbals (channel 4). I already have patches for these made with drum sounds that I like (bass drum in the first ReDrum slot, snare in the second, 6 different toms and so on...), so I make sure they are loaded.

Then in Sonar, left click on the out of a MIDI track, and open the drum map manager. Basically, what the drum map does is change note for note what a signal comes in as vs. what it leaves as. For example, C1 is the bass drum for general MIDI, but C1 doesn't mean anything to ReDrum. So the drum map says, when you play C1, you want the bass drum in Reason to play instead.

This is kind of tricky business getting the drum map set-up initially. But basically, you have to go through the major drum sounds, and reroute them. Let me try to walk you through setting up the bass drum, and maybe the rest will click for you.

1. You already have a ReDrum set up with a bass drum sound in slot #1. Make sure that ReDrum is the first device you add, so it is channel #3 (hardware interface already being #1 and the mixer #2).

2. In your drum map, click the 'new' button and make a new drum map... I call mine 'DM Reason'.

3. Click the other 'new' button to make the first note in the drum map. Make the 'In Note' C1.

4. Since you already enabled ReWire, you should have Reason as one of your 'Out Ports' so select that.

5. The ReDrum you created is 'Chn.' 3, so select that.

6. For the 'out note', keep in mind that ReDrum onle has 10 inputs. These are notes 36-45. So, since you made the bass drum in the first slot of ReDrum, make the 'out note' 36. If it was in the 2nd slot, it would be 37 and so on.

7. Under 'presets' type 'Reason' and hit save.

8. Now, if you open a General Midi drum line, and on the 'out' port of the track select 'new drum map' and scroll down to 'Reason' (or whatever you named it), anytime 'C1' is played in the MIDI track, you will hear the bass drum play in Reason. Just keep adding snare and other basic things, and saving it under the same name.

9. Add another ReDrum to Reason for cymbals, and just select channel 4 in the drum map when you want something routed to this device instead.

Whew... I know this is long, and complicated... but you will be much happier with the results I think. There are lots of little things to make this or that easier... but I think I already typed enough!! :)

Let me know how it goes!

jazzbass12 2003-03-22 14:33

Re: In Syth Options what do I check
Thanks. I will try it out when I get back next week, I will liet you know. Thanks Again.

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