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MOOKYMOOK 2003-03-27 03:58

MOOK'S 3rd Track! Funky Mook
This is my 3rd tune and I would really appreciate some more constructive critism.I am STILL xperimenting,and am trying different styles.Please give it a listen with an open mind.
Keep it up people.

Dice125 2003-03-29 10:40

Overall: Fun Track, but not too much funk...[5/10]
more constructive critisism?=) sure! but are you ready to take it? ahh what the heck...

PROS: fun track, nice sounds!=)

CONS: the redrum was giving your track audio clippings, Master this track so it would sound cleaner. the redrums first off must be lowered, especially that snare, play around with the eq as well. the track sounded VERY repetative, not much of the drums are changing, the melody's and the basslines basically goes on and off at certain times, it made the song boreing. this track was lacking some Funky melody's i think. the drums were very funky (sort of like the 70's ish...)although repetative.

Overall: Fun Track, but not too much funk...[5/10]

dice.s [ 125 ]

i havent seen much of your track, and i am a very lazy person so, so far this is as much "cunstructive critisism" i can give you for now=P

Marquis701 2003-03-31 22:02

Re: Overall: Fun Track, but not too much funk...[5/10]
not bad groove but needs some melodic or harmonic drive. And not quite so much repetition. Needs a hook. Ditto on the clipping bit...
Nice energy...

Laurel & Quis

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