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luumanh 2003-03-29 21:07

Midi Interface and Midi Keyboard

Hello friends, a Canadian here

I was introduced to Reason by a friend of mine a few days ago I couldn't get over it and have been doing some research. Seriously want to 'Get With The Program'.

Wow, this is a dream tool to make music. I've always wanted to make music.
I've got a question for all Reason people

The manual says that you should have a MIDI interface and a MIDI keyboard (or similar). My friend and I don't have one and so I was wondering if I could still make the beats without the Midi Instruments like my friend does.

I know absolutelly nothing about a Midi keyboard, do you must know how to play the piano in order to use the Midi keyboard.

And what kind of Midi keyboard would you suggest.

Reason has really brighten up my life.


BigT 2003-03-30 03:48

Re: Midi Interface and Midi Keyboard
:Hey dude,
I'm a British guy out doing a winter season in Breckenridge, CO, always wanted to vist Canada, where abouts are you guys??

You can pick a midi hub and keyboard up for about $180 US, not so sure how much in Canadian. The midi hubs these days are mostly USB, so check your computer has it, if it's fairly new, about a year or two, you should be kewl. Any midi keyboard will do the trick, but if your willing to spend, try and get one with midi parameters, you dont have to use the mouse as much to control the software and is good for things on the fly!!

hope this helps.


aljen 2003-04-03 15:16

Re: Midi Interface and Midi Keyboard
Germany says hello to Canada :-)

Of course you can also make your beats & loops without any midi input device attached, just drawing with your mouse. But with a midi keyboard, it makes much more fun.

Just consider buying a cheapo midi controller keyboard like the Oxygen 8 from Midiman (aka M-Audio). It has USB and MIDI, so you don't need any other devices for the start. The keyboard is made quite stable for the price, which is about EUR 120,- here, comes with 8 knobs to tweak around and is configurable to your needs. Once tried, it becomes a "howcouldilivewithout" thing :-)


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