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7spooner7 2003-04-15 19:20

realistic drums and reason?
i'm trying to use reason to do some live sounding drums that have "player nuiance", natural dynamics, and realistic sound quality. part of the problem is getting good sounds. can anyone recommend a refill or other sorce for good individual samples (not loops). and can anyone point me in the right direction for programming "realistic" patterns. i'm aware if the 3 redrum velocity settings, the flam, and swing function. maybe redrum isn't the rack space to use.... i big thanks if you can.

my first set of recordings used a dr rythem 660, and the drums are lacking energy and feel. ( MP3s) i don't want a repeat preformance out of reason. actually any suggestions for getting real drums (buying certain drum machines, or software) would be appreciated.

millionaire 2003-04-15 19:25

the Dr. Rex helps IMHO...
You can use it to isolate different hits on the same drum, for a more "random" human sound, to a degree. Find a rex pattern with sounds you want to use & then program the hits in by hand in the sequencer window. I usually take hits out of multiple patterns...a kick from here, hi-hat from there... you know....

compozi 2003-04-15 19:26

Read here :

and here :

I think is exactly what you need !


cousinpickle 2003-04-15 19:31

Re: realistic drums and reason?
If you want good sounding samples look for the Refill called PERCUSTUFF. It has lots of individual drum sounds. Good quality too. As far as programming drums to sound more "natural" you should use the sequencer in the drum lane and not the step sequencer. The advantages are that you can turn off the snap to grid so you can fine-tune the timing of each drum hit. Also you get the advantage of using all 127 steps of velocity.

Hope that helps

cousinpickle 2003-04-15 19:33

how could I forget
yes you will find very good sounds there

gabrielr 2003-04-15 19:50

free kits
(1) on the props home page, if you click on the Replace Hardware box on the left side and download the Metal demo song, you can extract and save a couple of velocity-layered multisampled NNXT patches: one with a drum kit, one with a hi-hat. the hat especially is quite good. the snare on the kit is a little bouncy for me, but maybe you'll like it. also, if you look at the song itself, you might get some ideas about programming.

(2) you can download some nice samples from i've made them into a refill that i'll get around to posting somewhere soon....

drumyon 2003-04-15 20:03

a few tidbits...
You do realize that to get the kind of "feel" or "human quality" to the grooves and fills especially that using a machine for everything will end up sounding like just that. A machine. What you're probably going to end up doing is to use the machine to program the beats, print that to a track, and then start adjusting things here and here on an individual basis to get more of a humanistic "give and take" to the tracks.


You could just do what I do, if youre not too percussively challenged, and that is to get a set of MIDI perc pads and a pair of sticks and play it yourself. Cant get much more human than that in the MIDI world.

As fas as samples are concerned, Wizoo has some of the best. Plus there are other services on the web that will sell you full kits of samples. Do a google for drum samples and youll get an idea of where to look...
Other percussion VSTi's you should probably investigate are Battery and Waldorf Attack. Waldorf is more of a perc Synth than anything else and it can do a great many cool things to your drum samples when you get them...
Battery is similar to Redrum only in the fact that it doesnt have a Step Sequencer but it does have much more sound shaping and fine tuning than redrum does and it can also hold more sounds@Kit than you can shake a stick at (bad pun). You will need to trigger Battery with something tho... Either sticks on pads or MIDI files 'cuz there is no stepper...

cydonia 2003-04-15 20:09

Re: a few tidbits...
i love just playing the drum sounds live on my keyboard

adfielding 2003-04-15 20:09

Re: free kits
Yes, the Clawfinger loops up for download on the 'hear our ads' bit are quite special - especially if you compress 'em big time :)

cydonia 2003-04-15 20:09

Re: a few tidbits...
:i love just playing the drum sounds live on my keyboard

you can always loop it afterwords

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