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emessina 2003-04-22 01:37

Will ReLoad load?

RELOAD - a product from heaven! - Something I've dreamed of literally for years.

Since everything in my studio is Windows2000 based, I've just spent all weekend building another PC & installing XP etc. just for a RELOAD utility PC.

HOWEVER. XP's running sweetly, I've installed RePacker 2.5 and ReLoad.

Upon running ReLoad, any of you who have used it will know that it gives you no options until it's registered an AKAI format ZIP etc in any drive.

When I put in a ZIP, the PC just keeps on whirring all drives every few seconds...with ReLoad declaring it's waiting for a disc.

I have no option but to eject the disc again & quit.

I'm immensely frustrated.

Help me're my only hope...

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