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CDRIKE 2003-05-03 01:29

Reload Problems with
I don't know if someone can help.

I've converted a lot of Akai CDs using Reload with no problems so far. But Reload refuses to convert "BT's Twisted Textures" of East & West; i got a error message saying "an unexpected error has occured...". The disks are OK since I've been able to convert them in Halion; they are in S-1000 format that is supposed to be readable by Reload.

I don't understand...Am I doing something wrong or is it a Reload bug ?

JohnVulich 2003-05-04 17:34

Re: Reload Problems with
Ive noticed that the same thing happens, on some AKAI CDs, with CDXtract also. Not sure what the problem is though.

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