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trinity3 2003-05-14 19:41

Off Topic - But opinions and input needed....
OK... I used to Dj a long time ago (still do although not nearly as frequently and only as a hobby now). I still have my decks but I sold my Numark CD players a while ago...sticking me with about 150 CDs and a flight case to carry them.... A lot of the discs are older cheesy dance ('95-'98) and there's some newer stuff, commercial trance type stuff ('98-'01). My question is this... I want to post this stuff on eBay but i can't seem to think of a fair price for such old tunes... i was thinking about $1 USD a disc and like $40 USD for the flight case - the whole thing as a package (there's no way i'm listing 150+ CDs individually!) Does that sound fair as a starting bid? Some of the discs are imports and most definitely out of print (and not just the cheesy dance crap either). Let me know of you guys think that sounds fair as i haven't been disc shopping in a while and I don't really know what a fair price would be for a lot this size...


drumyon 2003-05-14 21:41

Re: Off Topic - But opinions and input needed....
Check this out. It might help you determine what your stuff is worth and price for sale accordingly...,00.html

trinity3 2003-05-14 21:48

Re: Off Topic - But opinions and input needed....
Thanks for the link drumyon...Cool app...but I'm on a Mac. I suppose I could do it by hand...but I'm WAY too lazy for that! ;-)

roland303 2003-05-14 22:21

Re: Off Topic - But opinions and input needed....
Hey Trin,

I'm in a similar situation myself as I'm moving house in a few months and I can't take my entire record collection with me. I've got about 2000 12" records and i can only really afford the room for about 500 at the most when i move. I've spent the last two weeks (prior to the 2.5 release :-) ) going through them to find the real gems i want to keep (lots of good dance & electronic stuff going all the way back to 1991).

Anyway, I know a guy who works in a second hand record store who is prepared to come over in his van to take the whole lot off me, but I just can't decide how much to ask him for it. He seems like a fair guy, but how can I put a price on about 1500 records which I have spent the best part of my youth collecting?

I don't mean to hijack your thread, but does anyone have any suggestions as to a good asking price for these as well? Seeing as there are so many i can't see it being very much per record, so i was thinking about

trinity3 2003-05-14 23:12

You're only slightly mad... ;-)

roland303 2003-05-14 23:25

yeah, maybe you're right :-)
At least it wouldn't hurt to see how high he is prepared to go. You never know, he may even say yes to more once he sees how good condition they are in. But somehow I doubt it knowing second hand store guys ;-)

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