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millionVALVE 2003-05-16 04:54

Scream on my guitar!
Well, I just got a new guitar (Gretsch G3161) which is beautiful. I was recording it into Cubase through my (modular) channel strip which involves a Speck MicPre5.0, Speck ASC EQ, and RNC compressor which are all very un-colored SS units.

Anyways, I was messing around, and I put IK's VST, Amplitube, on it for the heck of it, and got some nice, tubey sounds. I just have the demo of Amplitube, so I can't make really usable recordings with it due to those pops they put in it for "security". (On a different subject: I'm going to get crazy with the vocoder as an EQ--and notch filter it out!)

But, what I did was I recorded a track with Amplitube on it, ReCycled it, and brought it into Reason. I also did that with the same track with no Amplitube.

I brought them both in, but on the "dry" one, I added a scream to the Dr. Rex as well as a vocoder set to EQ.

Wouldn't you know it, but I tweaked that Scream back and forth with the Amplitubed track until I had a sound practically identical to it, but one that actually sat in the mix *way* better.

From now on, I'm going to do it that way. Demo record it with Amplitube in Cubase, then just tweak Scream to approximate it. Scream is *so* tasty!

This is all to say that there is no way in hell I'm going to spend $279 on Amplitube when I can get Reason's fuh-ricking-free updated distortion to do all of that and more.

Good work Props!

millionVALVE--check new tracks

CephaloPod 2003-05-16 09:23

Re: Scream on my guitar!
Thanks for the report! I've been meaning to try this to see how the Scream stacks up to my Line 6 Pod. I don't expect it will beat the Pod for pure guitar "tone", but I'm expecting some interesting, usable sounds nonetheless!

EpsilonBeta 2003-05-16 09:30

Re: Scream on my guitar!
Good idea! I wish there was a way of running audio tracks out of Cubase, through the Scream4 and back into Cubase through ReWire or something! I'm seriously digging the great variety and quality of sounds that it offers!!

CephaloPod 2003-05-16 10:21

Wow! I just tried the Scream 4 with my guitar and I was VERY impressed. All of the distortion models sounded pretty good and you can get some seiously wicked sounds. But the important thing is that my guitar still sounds like a GUITAR. No, it doesn't beat the Pod, but it makes some sounds that the Pod doesn't. AND, I can modulate the sound in real time within Reason to my heart's content.

This is my basic setup: Schecter C7+ guitar into the Pod in bypass mode (tuner mode). Pod into my mixer, mixer into the computer. I recorded myself playing a few little riffs and imported that sample into the NNXT. NNXT into the Scream, Scream into the Reason mixer with some RV7000 and delay as effect sends. WOW. Crank up the Damage nob. WOW. Mess with the autowah. NO WAY! Route the envelope follower to the P2 CV input. GET OUT!

Plus, when I play the sample an octave higher, I sound like Yngvie Malmstein on crack!

Please Props, please, for the love of God PLEASE give us sound in! The Scream 4 and Vocoder are BEGGING for sound in!!!

mrtn 2003-05-16 13:39

Screaming on my guitar soon ..... !
Ah longtime no see Mr Nick.I hope everything is well and from the new songs I heard it must be.Congratulations on going over to Ampcast (It makes downloading so much easier if you don't have to give an e-mail address).Those new features in 2.5 are a gift beyond anything I've seen in a company supporting their registered userbase and some could learn a lot from Propellerhead's marketingperson (Tage ..... ?).

Wishing you all the best and hoping to read some more of your postings in the future,

Martin (843)

millionVALVE 2003-05-16 15:19

Hey Guys!
Yes, it's definitely all good. Whatever it lacks in PODdom gets made up by the fact that, doing it the way I've mentioned, you print dry and have the flexibility of changing your distortion sound well after the fact!


Martin! Hey bud, how's it going? Where's your music at? How's guitar? School?

Nice to hear from you.


arothman 2003-05-16 19:35

Re: Scream on my guitar!
Yeah, I own a Johnson J-Station amp modeler mysely, although I don't own an electric guitar yet, so it's gotten very little use.

One thing I have discovered with Reason's new devices though is that the factory guitar sounds for the NN-19 are almost real through a Scream/RV7000 combo. They sound like dog turds on their own, but when you grunge them up and put them in a virtual room like that, you can almost believe it's a real guitar. Pretty impressive stuff!


mrtn 2003-05-16 23:40

Re: Hey Guys!
Off topic ( ..... , uh ?).

No more than 30 days of school for the rest of my life sound fine to me so there I go again , oops !

Bye for now ,

Martin (843)

mrtn 2003-05-17 00:01

Re: Scream on my dog turds !
They sound like dog turds on their own, but when you grunge them up and put them in a virtual room like that, you can almost believe it's a real guitar.

Hehe Drew knows a Marshall from a " Hokus Pocus Monster In Your Pants" amplifier so that makes him another six stringed lunatic,

Hey hey have to go ( early morning radio ).

843 ( Not related to " The " 843 )

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