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ohmegav 2003-06-12 16:44

Pads, pads, pads - Where are they?
Hi guys,

I bought Reason about 5 months ago and for a person without ANY music background, but a fan of electronic music since when I was 13 years old (I'm 26 now), I think that it is a real powerful tool.

I learned de software by myself digging through the manuals and looking at set-ups from other users and their ways of making music and layering sounds.

But I think I found my week spot. I kind of make music fast for my little experience, but I really have a hard time finding the right sounds. Sometimes I want to blame my software, I get frustrated, delete the whole file and start the thing again from scratch.

But in the end I know that the problem is that I don

BastianDL 2003-06-13 15:40

Re: Pads, pads, pads - Where are they?
hi ,

try to ad some effects to the synth.. like first a chorus and second a send effect in the mixer like delay.....

i should give you a "play" diversity to your pad.. and then try to tweek bass sounds to pads.. in malstr

jappe 2003-06-13 17:36

Re: Pads, pads, pads - Where are they?
You can bring life to almost any dull mono pad sound by doing this: Split the mono pad into 2 channels. Insert a chain of effectmodules to the first channel (left) and a identical chain of effectmodules to the second channel (right). Start with having exactly the same parameter settings for the two effect chain modules. Insert and loop some notes, and *carefully* change any effect parameter on *one* chain (don't touch the corresponding module on the other chain). You will now get a slightly different timbre flow on the channels, which will sound "fat", "harmonically rich".

Lycka till!

Ogggy 2003-06-13 19:47

Re: Pads, pads, pads - Where are they?
And don't forget the Unison.

Stocker pads don't suck, but effects are...uhh...useful. But try elsewhere, too. Nice ones out there, like, of course, Doru's Wonderful Pads, and many others.

Remember NN-19 synth controls are global-for pre- jappe's effects flow. It's one of the main differences between the -19 & the -XT--synth parameters are global and can be automated.

As for Sub & Mal, practise, drone away, practise. Maybe more than many want to do. You're probably already doing this, but looping a section when tuning these is big for me, things are so time critical-'til the patch is just right. Layering is great for more phat on pads, but only available with cut and paste, and later, grouping. Unless you're using the Matrix, then you got the Spider. You can do the scratch work with the Matrix, then copy to track and evolve and/or dump it to do the more serous work.


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