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Warmonger 2003-08-18 08:17

Feature "Idea"
I thought I'd change things up in this forum a bit with a feature request! ;)

Okay, seriously though, I thought of an idea for a pair of features that would make the Matrix a tiny bit more productive to use, and I think they are pretty good idea.

1) Copy pattern to track following automation. So basically, whenever a pattern change is detected in a track that controls the Matrix, the pattern that is copied to the sequencer also changes. Yes, you can do it manually, but this is the kind of thing computers are good at.

2) Copy Matrix curve to automation track. This is one that I'm not really sure about. Most of the time a CV Spider would be sufficient, but there could be times where no CV connection is available for a parameter.

I hate the constant feature request posts as much as anyone else, but I have to write this idea down somewhere so I won't forget it. What better place then here?

Any comments on how to improve these ideas would be much appreciated before I submit them officially.

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