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raapie 2003-09-26 12:40

real time, repeat, quantise and edit
the last few months I really started to get annoyed listening to quantised and repetitive music.

admitted, I do use these things sometimes. most of the time when time is a problem. and time is often a problem... it seems. (but time is just a weird thing, so I try to stop thinking about it too much.)

but still, repetitions, quantisation and heavily edited music is annoying me lately. sh%t, I love Aretha Franklin ( she changes the melody ALL THE TIME ), Todd Rundgren, Miles Davis ... ah well... the big list ...

as a guitarplayer my keboard-skills were never mind-blowing, so I try to improve them. so I try:
- play well
- stop editing stuff I have just played
- if it's not right I play the song again
- not to record just one small part, but play the whole piece. big mistakes: try again
- pratice with the clicktrack to make my timing become better and being able to swing before and after the beat (hey, I am really getting good in swinging agaist the beat)
- not repeating parts, better do a new track with the things I want as a whole
- listen to the whole song instead of soloing tracks
- and more... the things I forgot...

maybe I am a little vague, but this should trigger some response, right?
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scircle 2003-09-26 14:46

Re: real time, repeat, quantise and edit
Yes. I know exactly what you mean. I was trained as a pianist, but let my skills slip in favour of the guitar. The sound of a guitar is so unpredicable and contingent on the player, that the sentiment gets carried over to "structured" music, for me. The medium is the point of reference, I think. Quantizing is an electronic luxury/tool.
Copying is another.
Ensemble keyboard players, though, sound horrible. I played in a musical where orchestral parts were divided among a couple of keyboards. Not even the good players they were really sounded great.
I think that the digital world should be in contrast with the chaos of the physical world.
Sometimes it flows over into one another, and that's where art gets creative.
I say, go with the irritation and increase it even more, until some new, undiscovered idea forces its way out of your own artistic experience!

DIGITUS 2003-09-26 17:57

Re: real time, repeat, quantise and edit
I think quantization has its place with certain genres such as techno, industrial, and or trance. However, it should be minimized for genres like Jazz, Classical, or anything requiring a humanized feel.

Just my buck and a quarter.....:)

raapie 2003-09-27 10:27

Re: real time, repeat, quantise and edit
thanks for the replies.

strange that on this Board most people don't want to talk about the process of making music...

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ctreitzell 2003-09-28 13:55

7-String & Fender Princeton
two things that've helped my playing newer Princeton65 sounds brilliant & these newer amps are so much more flexible than old school amps...& 7-String....I was playing 6-string with my low E tuned down to B (machine head) for about a year (after I got bored with having one guitar tuned to Low E down to D & the other guitar tuned down a whole step)...I was starting to look into Chapman Stick(s).....& then my wife wanted to get me a 12-string for my BDay....when she saw the prices for a top 12-String acoustic, I suggested 7-String. The guitar that sounded the best (that I could easily find) was an Epiphone Les Paul shape with silver-burst curly maple top...the rythm pickup on that guitar sounds absolutely beautiful.....even tho it's supplied with the PU loosely screwed into the bezel which needs constant attention or it becomes unscrewed....Tuning the Low B down to A (Korn) is just kickin....especially with the low end response of the Princeton....

As far as inspiration, I'm going the opposite way than you are, raapie....I've been taking some old "break" or "loop" type song components, Recycling the loops & recording new peices with smaller components of my earlier loop material in Reason....the possibilities are endless


raapie 2003-09-28 15:20

Re: 7-String & Fender Princeton
yes, I understand. what works for me might not work for you.

I am very much into doing it right the first time these days. play and work fast.

I am a guitarplayer too. haven't bought a guitar in years. I have an Ibanez AM-50 which is tweaked and a Fender Voodoo Strat which is a serious Hendrix maniac guitar (I love that neck-pickup sound using it with a Vox).
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