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BigT 2003-09-29 00:07

New Breakbeat track up by me ----->
Heh, that rhymed!!

Hey all you kids out there,

Just posted my new Breakbeat track, 'Jettin' Off'.
It's kinda different for breakbeat,
but i'm pretty pleased with it.
See what you think as comments/critisim would be more than welcome on this one!! =)

Well, seeing as i've now sussed how to put up links...


fpoole 2003-09-29 02:25

Re: New Breakbeat track up by me ----->
:I can always expect innovation out of Smashed Toy tracks.

There's no audible "template" or "formula" for your tracks, yet they all have your signature.

Jettin' Off sets a nice starting groove, and progresses into an unexpected ending. One trademark of your's is a great and often quite melodic bass. (Please excuse typing errors; I'm using one hand:) The only thing that I hear which remotely needs improvement is Lazer Bloom's fine tuning.

It definitely gives a feel of "Jettin Off."


BigT 2003-09-29 19:48

Signature? you mean i've got a style? heh ;)
:Thnx for listening fpoole,

whoaaa, signature? innovation? melodic? hehe!
That's made my day, word's that no-one's ever said to me before!!! i'm liking you more everyday fella! ;)

The bass line and beat, to me, are the most important parts of my tracks.
Don't get me wrong, i like to make tracks without the two said things, but when i'm planning a track with them in..............

As for Lazer Bloom, how do you think it could be improved? (anyone & everyone's guidance is appreciated!!)

Just to top it off, the mood has been set aswell......
Thank u, Thank u, Thank u.

BigT (a now very happy bloke!)


Kohlgraf 2003-09-30 00:26

Re: New Breakbeat track up by me ----->
Nice job, BigT!!! :o) Great to be back and listen to some new stuff online! Although, I DID enjoy my week off!

Keep up the good work. I loved it!


caja 2003-09-30 17:13

just listened to it. very cool. the breaks were tight and the airy feeling of the synths gave it a good feel. great production.

you're right. it's different for breakbeats, but that's cool 'cause it's a good different.

great stuff.

the Astropugs

Stompp 2003-09-30 18:23

Re: New Breakbeat track up by me ----->
Ahhhh yeah, top quality drum programming (I expect nothing less from you now though), really works a treat. The synth work here is exceptional- you

BigT 2003-09-30 19:30

Welcome back Mike!!
Thnx for your comments,
i'm really glad you liked it!

You got anything new in the pipeline?
or are you TOO relaxed after your break?!!!!!!
heh! ;)


BigT 2003-09-30 19:46

Cheers guy's! =)
Thnx very much for listening,

I just love breaks man, i like the way you can really mess 'em up a points.
I think i've found a style i enjoy doing now (and ambient) but i always seem to want to put all the styles i like into one track....hmm....gotta stop gettin' too excited!!! ha!
I'm really glad you think it's 'different' as that shows i'm going in a good direction..


BigT 2003-09-30 19:54

Thnx for listening (yet again!) Stompp,

:Ahhhh yeah, top quality drum programming (I expect nothing less from you now though)
Really? sh*t, i've dug myself a hole there, then!!
:Amazing effects work too, that compliments the work with the synths very well. While I’m complimenting you- great work with the Matrix devices, an aspect of Reason I’m going to try to explore myself in the future.
I'm actually surpised that you haven't really used the matrixs' in your tracks before, you can get some neat effects and surprises from them! all the hard work pis*ing about with them is payin' off now!
:Kick ass track.
WOOHOO! right, for my next track, it's gonna be Breakbeat ambiance, heh, this should be fun!! ;)


Stompp 2003-09-30 20:51

Re: Woohoo!
WOOHOO! right, for my next track, it's gonna be Breakbeat ambiance, heh, this should be fun!! ;)


I can imagine that now...

"Swish, swoosh, la la laaaa..." then "BOOM BA DA BOOM BO-BOO-D-BOOM BADA"... "la la laa"...

Heh heh.


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