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gnorpf 2003-10-05 16:05

Liberating ReFills

for those of you who haven't seen this post while it zapped by and vanished to page 2, here it is again:

While reading the current "Discovering Reason" article about the NN-XT, I had a great idea: Many of us hate the fact that ReFills "locked up", and we can't organize the patches in a way that we want. Well Fredrik showed that the patches can actually be copied out of the ReFills one at a time by opening them, and then saving them again in a directory of your choice. While some people might do this task for the 10 patches they need most, doing this for every patch in their ReFills is a tedious task most of us won't do.

But having every ReFill patch as a single file has many advantages:
- Put every ReFill patch alongside with other patches in a folder of your liking (e.g. put bongos from the Factory ReFill alongside bongos from other ReFills sample collections you might have)
- You never need to think "I'm looking for something I've heard before. Now is this inside a ReFill or not? And in which one?"
- Rename every Patch you want. For example, you could mark the really cool Pianos with a * so that they pop up first in the file explorer
- Rename all folders, move them around until you have organized the stuff *your way*
- Fix stupid bugs in ReFills. For example, the Factory "GRANDPIANO" patch is incorrectly set to legato mode. Everytime I open this patch, I have to correct this. Not anymore since all ReFill patches could now be changed at the location you expect them to be
- Since the patches themselves are very small, a Zipped version of all "Liberated Factory ReFill Patches" will be about 1 Meg, pretty small for the usefulness it contains.

Sounds exciting? Sounds like heaven? Well it is :-) Now, nobody will do this alone, but if we do it together, we can reach it! We have to distribute the workload - everybody interested converts a category, then we put it all together and voil

adfielding 2003-10-05 21:57

I'm in!!
I just "liberated" the Malstrom patches - I'm sending them to you in an e-mail now. Let me know how it is now and I might work on getting a few more patches out.

gnorpf 2003-10-05 23:46

Cool! Anybody else to join? :)
I've tried it out and everything works fine. Great work, Ad! When we've got all of them together, I'll make a nice lil' Zip file for all interested parties :-) Anybody else interested in joining?


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