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RykThekreator 2003-10-05 20:17

New effect idea for Reason. The CV Bouncer! :D
This morning I came up with the idea for a module that would accept 2 CV Inputs.

Each of these CVs (control voltages, like from the LFO, Envelope Generator, etc.) would be compared to each other continuously. Every time that the 2 CV's are the same / cross each other's values, EACH of them will INVERT. (Change to the opposite value. IE: When changing, a value of +5 would change to -5.)

I've included a pic with 2 graphs. The first one contains depictions of an input Sinewave CV, and an input Triangle wave CV.

The 2nd graph, shows the results of each waveform, from the 'effects' unit. When their values are the same or crossing each other in opposite directions, each of their directions, Inverts to the opposite direction.

This effect itself, could be really cool for Panning; Filter Cutoff; etc. :D

Lemme know what y'all think. I don't know if the Prop's would be into this idea, for Reason 3.0 / etc., but I'm not building / programming anymore, so I wont be using this idea myself, and thought I'd send it off to the Props. :D


RykThekreator 2003-10-05 20:19

Damn. Pic wasn't included. :(
I'll try it a different way, as the picture mentioned above, gives a very good idea, as an example.


Click here for the pic??

abraxis 2003-10-05 20:59

Re: New effect idea for Reason. The CV Bouncer! :D
what was your idea for this?

a couple years ago i suggested a programmable modulation creator/modifier that would allow you to do similar things...

nobody was ready for the idea..

could be useful.

the idea i had allowed you to Generate Controller data or Modify (modulate) existing Data in a periodic/cyclic way...

eg: generate a square wave for the controller lane starting a x1 frequency, y1 amplitude, z1 duty-cycle, and t1 time -- and ending at x2 frequency, y2 amplitude, and z2 duty cycle, and t2 time...

all graphical of course...

so you could either ADD a "wobble" effect that gradually increased over time. or a pan efect that started a sound panning at 16th notes ans over 8 measures slows to exactly while notes...

or you could also create a rhythmic filter effect that started at 8th note sine-wave on bar 17 and gradually morphed into a 32nd note square wave at bar 63 or whatver...

i called it the ReModulator i think... =)

but since you can both CREATE new data and MODIFY existing controller data - the possibilities are ENDLESS...

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