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abraxis 2003-10-05 20:48

WTF? First time i've EVER had a 'problem' with Reason...
"With my DrumKat (MIDI Percussion Controller / Pads) plugged into the M-Audio "Firewire410" (audio interface / midi ports) , i can NOT get Reason 2.5 to recieve the notes sent from the DrumKat into Reason... I CAN get Cubase SX to see the notes... I am very MIDI adept, so i have eliminated all possible causes i can think of prior to posting here... If i launch SX as a ReWire host for Reason 2.5 I CAN select a midi track in SX and set it up so that the Firewire 410 is the INPUT of that track and so that the ReDrum in Reason 2.5 is the OUTPUT listed for the midi track in SX and it DOES work in this manner - but i do NOT normally uses Reason from within SX... I normally use Reason as Stand-Alone. Why would i be able to send MIDI note info to Reason THROUGH Cubase SX, but apparent'y NOT Directly to Reason 2.5?

Thanks for any insights..."

p.s. HELP!!!

I have A Reason song set up so that it contains a Mixer and a ReDrum (loaded with a "Tight Kit"...

I have Reason 2.5's MIDI Prefs set so that it is recieving on channel 2 from the "Firewire 410" listed as on of two possible inputs ( i have Oxygen 8 and Firewire 410 as inputs) (i SURE wish there was a way i could have input from BOTH at the same time - i think it's a little silly that Reason assumes you only have a SINGLE controller - or at least i wish you could change your MIDI input from a pop-up menu on the Sequencer control or Hardware Interface)

Is this a REASON problem or a Firewire 410 problem??
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abraxis 2003-10-05 22:57

Re: WTF? First time i've EVER had a 'problem' with Reason..
p.s. the application "MIDI Monitor" (available at DOES see the output of the DrumKAT comming in at the Firewire 410 port....

It's just that Reason 2.5 doesn't want to seeit.

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DjVampeal 2003-10-06 00:20

"It's just that Reason 2.5 doesn't want to seeit."
It wants to see that dancing chick naked, that's why Reason 2.5 is giving you hell. :P

DIGITUS 2003-10-06 07:09

She has a Penis. That's what that material covering. n/t

mrtn 2003-10-06 07:16

..... Ooh!
I once met a "girl" from Brazil and she had that and all I can say is it wasn't funny.

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