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RiotNrrd 2003-10-23 03:40

The VSTi issue
We all know that Reason will never support VSTi. It's been said over and over and over (multiply the "and overs" as many times as necessary).

At the same time, the cry of "We want VSTi support" will also apparently never end no matter how many times it is reiterated that Reason will never support it.

So... how about the Props just create a simple host application - as a SEPERATE application - and allow it to be controlled by Reason's sequencer (through ReWire or something similar - since I don't use it I'm not clued in to the exact workings of ReWire).

Oh, I know - people will say "why don't you just use Cubase/Logic/Sonar/Whatever". Well... I don't have any of those applications, and I don't really feel like laying out the multiple hundreds of dollars necessary to buy those products for just the one feature of being able to use VSTi goodies alongside Reason.

A simple host app - useable by Reason, optimized for Reason, but not actually integrated INTO Reason - might go a long ways towards shutting up the people who just refuse to accept that Reason will NEVER natively host VSTi synths, and will at the same time not compromise the stability of Reason itself. While Reason could hook into this imagined host, the apps would still be completely separate. If some badly behaved VSTi synth took down the host, it wouldn't take down Reason with it.

Reasons sequencer sends MIDI signals to the host, and the host sends audio back to Reason. Other than that, the two apps run separately, and anyone who doesn't care about VSTi synths can just not use them and Reason won't care one way or the other.

Just a thought.

Warmonger 2003-10-23 03:51

Re: The VSTi issue
If the host goes down, and Reason is rewired to the host, then Reason will go down as well. Remember how you're supposed to close down Reason before your host? Well, what do you think will happen if the host is forced to close before Reason? You'll almost definitely have to reboot just to get either one running again.

Anyway, just get Tracktion. It is cheap ($80), and has a great implementation of Rewire. There you have your audio-in, MIDI-out, and VST bases covered. I don't see why the app has to be made by the Props for people to use it. Tracktion is great at doing all of the things you think a P'head host would do, so why wait for a product that will never come?

Gwydi 2003-10-23 04:20

Re: The VSTi issue
Sorry, don't agree.

* Tracktion
* Muzys
* Fruity Studio

All of these support rewire and would do what you suggest. Why in the world would the props want to waste all that effort? That's time better spent on their core products.


RiotNrrd 2003-10-23 04:38

Re: The VSTi issue
: Why in the world would the props want to waste all that effort? That's time better spent on their core products.

I both agree and disagree. Why would they want to waste their time on that effort? To shut up the people who insist that the Props add VSTi support to Reason. Until there is a *Propellerhead* product that allows an alternative to actually incorporating VSTi support INTO Reason, the cries of "we want VSTi support" will continue to plague us forever.

Right or wrong - you KNOW it's true.

But if there was a Propellerhead app that could approximate it, at least people could point to IT and say "see - you can do that with a Propellerhead product". End of complaints.

Does ReWire allow the sending of audio back into Reason? Like I said, I don't use it, so I am unaware of its capabilities.

However, it doesn't personally matter to me. I'm fine with things the way they are. I'm just tossing out an idea to see if THAT would make people happy and at the same time keep the Props from having to sully Reason with VSTi native support.

RiotNrrd 2003-10-23 04:47

Re: The VSTi issue
Also - just to be clear what I mean, I'm not talking about the Props developing an external sequencer (which the products you list are, I believe). I'm talking about an app whose sole purpose is to load a VSTi instrument and respond to MIDI events generated from within Reason, and send audio back to Reason, and THAT'S ALL.

A simple host app. Shoot, one of the Props could probably knock out an app like that on their lunch break. :-)

Gwydi 2003-10-23 04:51

Re: The VSTi issue
I hear what you're saying, and it's not that I disagree, I just don't think it's that simple.

If the props made such a product I'd take a serious look at it because it would undoubtedly be quality - but I doubt it would shut anybody up. In fact, I think it would do the opposite, by opening the floodgates of new complaints like "Tracktion/Cubase/etc can do 'X', why can't this?", and instead of all the screaming we hear for just two features in Reason, we'd hear dozens or hundreds of screaming requests for the new piece of software to make it match the features of all the other sequencers out there.

Personally, I think it's a can of worms the props are wise not to open. But who knows what lurks in their minds ... :)


Gwydi 2003-10-23 04:54

Re: The VSTi issue
That would be interesting, but as in the other reply I just made, I still think it's opening the floodgates to a million other feature requests.

Still, a RE-VST input machine. Hmm. It's not a bad idea at all :)


bighorse 2003-10-23 05:13

Re: The VSTi issue
Any sign of Tracktion being ported to OSX? I keep hearing great things about it...

| BH

bighorse 2003-10-23 06:12

I've answered my own question
Looks nice so far:

| BH
Tracktion OSX Beta just released

hassandra 2003-10-23 10:21

Get Traction: Agreed!!!
Hey, I've just purchased Traction yesterday, and I am very satisfied with it!:)

It's the same as Reason from the following point of view: simple, stable, and use (relatively) small CPU resource.
It DOES everything what you miss from Reason (HD recording, VST support).
Jules is a genious!:)))))

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