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Taron333 2003-11-12 11:39

Ok, here's the thing...crossing over...
I'm honestly not exactly sure if I'm
not crossing the line with "sweat"...
...actually really I don't.
This is pure subtractor song, nothing
but subtractor and subtractor alone and only.

So could require the label:
parental discretion adviced...
...or rated R or X or I don't know...
Because it is kinda silly to say that,
but is not really clear to me.
I did get some eery reactions to this one,
which made pretty clear that it is rather
convincing or explicit.

You be the judge...


djcmg360 2003-11-12 17:37

with John

I could see how something made in subtractor could be R rated.

Hope you post it soon.


Stompp 2003-11-12 17:46

Re: Ok, here's the thing...crossing over...
I'm still spooked out by the last upload you made (noize, creepy, talky)... it talks! IT TALKS! AIEE! I had to hide behind m chair before gaining the courage to look that mean-ass subtractor in the face. ;)


(It talks! It talks! You made a subtractor talk! It sounds really creepy! I cant get over the fact that you managed to synthesise speech! I'm using so many exclamation marks!)

Stompp 2003-11-12 18:16

I've given it a listen now, so I'll talk about this track rather than the last one.

I think it's important to be honest with feedback, and to be honest I didn't enjoy this nearly as much as I enjoyed "With my first words". I found that the subtractor programming here was exceptional (as it always is), but that musically it didn't quite have the same flare your tracks usually do. Just my personal opinion- certainly not a bad track but I wouldn't say it was one of your best (I have to admit I've been listening to "With my first words" loads though, just cant get enough of that). :)


Taron333 2003-11-12 19:46

Re: Ok, here's the thing...crossing over...
HAHA...excellenteee!!! =)))
I always wanted to do it! But it's rather
tough stuff...I'm currently exploring this
whole concept, but I'm not sure where it
is going.....this screwed up little tune here
"sweat" is a perfect example for what can
go "wrong" with it...hehehe =}

Thanx, Stompp!


Taron333 2003-11-12 19:51

Re: Sweat...
That's perfect feedback, man! Don'tcha worry! 8}
This song is truely not about it - being a song -
as it is. I thought this level of naughtiness is not
asking for musical brilliance....the main weight is
on a different end.
But to be honest on my part...I kinda...enjoyed it, too! =}

Thanx, however, I'm very happy that You liked
"With my first words" as much as I did. When
You refer to this song, You refer to a part of my
heart. Biggest compliment!


Stompp 2003-11-12 20:01

Re: Sweat...
But to be honest on my part...I kinda...enjoyed it, too! =}

And in the end enjoying it is what matters. The second anyone starts making music without enjoying it is when the commerciality kicks in, and the question stops being "how can I further the genre/create some amazing music", but "how much money can I fool the public into spending?". I wish the mainstream producers would take more notice of this music scene.

"But it doesn't sell well."- fat cat producer #3456

It'd sell if the media would lavish the attention it deserved on it rather than praising "irritiating boy band #5929582582486386" for another dull ballad.

Damn Taron, you should be making it big time, it really irritates me that there's such a huge array of talent blatantly ignored by such an open minded world. One day the music-buying public will pay attention to artists such as yourself and many others posting music around the web. Hopefully at least.


P.S- sorry for the rant.

Taron333 2003-11-12 20:21

ain't that the truth...
:...tatahh...and that's why I was always scared
of the music-business. That was before I had
to consider my visual FX career as just another
form of prostitution. However, by now I'm not
so scared anymore, because if I was gonna try
breaking into it, I would not look for mainstream-
type-of-success, but rather the shear opportunity
to share with a return-value. I think, just out of
personal experience, that it's always a beautiful
moment when You buy something that really makes
You happy like a CD. If I can contribute to this
phenomenon and if there's just one or two people,
who would have this moment of joy, I would already
consider it a success. The value of a happy purchase
is way beyond it's price if it's about music.
Producers are by default coming from a different
direction, so it's tough to even blame them. It's
a business for them, which most likely was chosen
by them for the basic reason of enjoying music more
than a job at a bank or food-markets or agency stuff.
They get corrupted by success easily, because they
still havn't had the real original passion for music that
we as artists do have. And even artists get corrupted.
So this world may seem unjust or distorted or even wrong,
it actually does appear understandable, but it requires
a much stronger understanding to actually make it work
for Yourself as an artist.
I'm still trying to work this's not easy on the
heart at times, but I believe it's more the uncertainty
than actual problems.

It's a great discussion and a good exchange topic.


Taron333 2003-11-12 23:13

Re: with John
Ehh...I take it, You've seen that it's
there by now, right?!?

Unless You ment to put me at ease
on this topic!


djcmg360 2003-11-13 00:25

:That sound is the one that got me. When I first heard it I thought it was quite strange, then I saw what it was called and it all made sense. I like the synth that comes in around 101, sounded quite nice. Lot's of space, seems everything has in own little area in the realm. The breathing sounds were also quite well done. My only gripe is that I woulda liked to hear a deeper bass come in at some point, but other than that, a well made track.


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