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raapie 2003-11-19 08:59

Bidule is fantastic
I think everyone missed this thread of mine:

I think Bidule is simply fantastic. It's even great if you want a simple audio recorder to run together with Reason.

I use it for running my Native Instruments plugs and Reason into Ableton Live so I am able to record everything as audio. Fantastic and cool. Reaktor4 with Reason2.5 into Live3: no problem at all!!!
me @ Melodiefabriek

Aboriginal 2003-11-19 13:31

Re: Bidule is fantastic
I checked your previous post about this Bidule thingy, downloaded the PC version and had a go.

Although the user interface looks like a Pong game,
this is really impressive stuff. Here we have a Rewire host, VST plugins, audio-in possibillity, great routing capabilities, comes with great effects and is not CPU hungry. All for free!

So I decided to download to Mac version as well to see how it behaves in the studio on the G4 in combination with Logic 6.2.

Thanks for letting us know!


A biduled Abo.

raapie 2003-11-19 13:34

Re: Bidule is fantastic
yeah, cool stuff.

my friend is running it on Powerbook. fantastic. and it's very cool for controllers too!

yes, the looks are not great but they will change it later on. it's only a beta for the moment...

grt uit Den Haag ;-)
me @ Melodiefabriek

ohmegav 2003-11-19 16:26

Re: Bidule's learning curve
I found it complex to use. Well, I didn't actually look thoroughly at the read me file because it scared me.

Is there a steep learning curve regarding bidule?


raapie 2003-11-19 18:57

Re: Bidule's learning curve
I was having problems syncing LFO's from VSTi's to Live but found out how it works. check:

It can be difficult but I can send you a simple rewire2-file I have made so you can connect a vsti and record than into Live. Mail me if you're interested.
me @ Melodiefabriek

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