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benwalker 2003-11-21 00:30

Eliminating Clicks n Pops with Pulse Wave LFOs?
Hi all.

(drum roll..) Here's a proper question...

I'm adding a filter and echo into one of my tunes after the mixer stage (mixer- filter- rv7000- out) so that I can apply the same effect to everything. I'm automating the filter with a 'dummy' subtractor purely as an LFO module, set to pulse wave at 1/8 notes, and my plan is/was to switch the filter on for the first 2 bars, then switch the echo on for the next 2 bars

(when I say on, I mean from bypass to on using the sequencer automation)

All sounds fine, apart from the clicks and clippings that occur because of the jump associated with square/pulse waves - since the act of switching a device on is itself a pulse...

I can see why I get jumps or breaks in the audio (discontinuity of pulse waves etc), but does anyone know of a clever trick so that I can still have the idea of jumping from one sound to another, without getting audible clipping or clicks?

(o/t, ideally I'd like to use the excellent Fromhage free filter plugin and ReWire with SL, but it crashes when I try to use it with Reason... anyone else have this problem? Works fine on audio and other VSTi's, but not Reason for some, erm, reason)



olefski 2003-11-21 01:54

well you could ...
just automate the params instead of using a lfo and do steep curves instead of a pure square, this would smooth the whole thing out. record 1 or two bars and then just copy paste it all over the track.

or then i misunderstood you somhehow =)

Pixar 2003-11-21 02:27

Non-free running alternative to a LFO
If your dummy Subtractor's square LFO is synched to tempo, you could substitute it with a Matrix which gives a sligthly smoothed modulation signal even at the most abrupt changes in curve CV.
I'm thinking of a Matrix bipolar curve CV pattern which is 2 steps long, where step one is -1 volt and step 2 is +1 volt. Get the picture?


gentleg 2003-11-21 04:12

Re: Eliminating Clicks n Pops with Pulse Wave LFOs?

this is a serious reason problem

I'm still waiting for a workaround/fix myself

maybe some 'smooth - cv' device???

thanks for bringing it up

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benwalker 2003-11-21 10:13

Re: Non-free running alternative to a LFO
:I'm thinking of a Matrix bipolar curve CV pattern which is 2 steps long, where step one is -1 volt and step 2 is +1 volt. Get the picture?

yep, got the picture. Sort of smooths things a bit, especially by making my own pseudo-square waves with rounded egdes and pushing the matrix speed up to 1/128...

still has the same problem when the Reverb is added though, and the trouble is that that is always either on or off: no in between



bgold 2003-11-21 22:44

Re: Eliminating Clicks n Pops with Pulse Wave LFOs?

I've found it usually works a lot better to turn things "on" or "off" by playing with wet/dry knobs or send amounts or whatever, rather than automating the actual on/off switch. In your case, leave the Reverb on always, but start it out pure dry... then switch to wet.

Or you could a more fancy setup that I've used sometimes:

Mixer -- Split -- No effects --- Mixer 2 channel 1 --- out
. . . . . . . \____ Filter ------ Mixer 2 channel 2 --- out
. . . . . . . \___ Reverb ------ Mixer 2 channel 3 --- out
. . . . . . . \___ etc....

As in, split the mixer output, route it through different FX, and then back into ANOTHER mixer. Then you can adjust the amount of 'post-mixing' FX by just adjusting levels on the second mixer. Was that clear at all? (the forum software keeps messing with my attempt at ASCII art)

- bgold

benwalker 2003-11-21 23:23

ASCII Art is v helpfull :)
Seems to clear a lot of the problems up, plus gives a better control over the sound. I like the mixer idea: might have to start playing around with lots of spiders to get something useable

... dumb moment of the evening: i tried re-routing the post-mixer effects back into the main mixer using spiders, to save creating another mixer.... my ears are still recovering....

thanks for the help


clivep 2008-03-21 14:07

Re: Eliminating Clicks n Pops with Pulse Wave LFOs?
: Yep, I'm getting this effect too. I actually have it twice with one track.

1) I'm using a pulse wave in subtractor to modulate a pan on a mixer. Bad click here.

2) Using side chaining on the masterclass compressor. If the attack is set to 1ms there's a click. How reason creates a click from volume reduction I don't know but sharp attacks seem to do this.

To be honest it's unnoticeable when the whole track is playing. Infact it could be beneficial in and uncanny way. My clicks are occuring on the kick drum. Kicks often have a click in their attack. So maybe these clicks are complimenting the kick. The track still sounds cool. Lol. We all love our own tracks.

But in the name of perfection, my solution is to disable these effects and export. I usually use a Cubase/Pro Tools/Logic Pro/Cakewalk type program for final mixing. So it's easy enough to re-create these effects in the studio app.

clivep 2008-03-21 15:19

Re: Eliminating Clicks n Pops with Pulse Wave LFOs?
Actually the panning in Logic Pro is making the same click. I've used the matrix curve CV to smooth things out. Sounding much better.

zvork 2012-11-27 09:07

If you're using Reason 6.5, you could try out the Volt SH-1 Rack Extension (this is self promotion, I must admit) which does exactly that. You can low pass filter your square pulse to make it a bit smoother.

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