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Tszpun 2003-12-23 11:36

Reason & Logic Platinum syn problem, need help
hello all,

I have this syn problem when running Logic Platinum 6.3.3 with Reason 2.5.

While Logic is the master & Reason is the slave running with Rewire, I have problem keep Reason to follow the Loop setting by Logic.

Ok, it's like this. They run together well, but when Loop is enabled in Logic, Reason managed to following for 2 rounds and then the Time line in Reason will stop moving, only Redrum will run now, all other sequce don't make a sound.

But, If I was exactly editing on the Reason track in Logic, this problem goes away. If I was on other tracks in Logic, the problem comes again.

just wondering anyone has the same problem, any fix to it?

thanks in advance.

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