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pr0g7r0n1c 2004-01-07 07:24

stack grouping and saving

it would be really nice to have the ability to save configurations of grouped modules.

sort of like cutting and pasting groups of devices.. only you have the option to save that buffered set into your own setting that you could later recall through a command/key drop down.


select your stack grouping in rack:

(pulldown/key command) 'save stack' to preset:

(pulldown/key command) 'insert stack' from preset:
select 'insert stack' command. interface pops up to .stk file to insert into rack. select, click ok.. preset grouping is inserted into the rack.

each device in the set should retain their settings so you can set up groups of ready to go instrument/fx stacks in a similar manner that most hardware synth/samplers accomodate.

it would sure help sell the point that Reason is as good as any hardware synth/sampler like a TRITON when you can instantly call up fat, ready to use, pre configured sets into your rack.

I hope that makes sense. :)


djen 2004-01-07 07:30

Re: stack grouping and saving
Sounds like a good idea to me. A sort of "Machine Macro" if you will.

DVious 2004-01-07 15:19

Re: stack grouping and saving
Most definitely. That'd be good for doing things such as analog drums rather than creating 10 devices, patching them, and wiring them.

Jorim 2004-01-09 20:56

I hear you
I posted this feature a while ago. This would be a real upgrade for the software, no more starting from scratch.

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