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brento1138 2004-02-12 12:40

Metroid Cover (Dark Trance) completed!
After listening to that RPG-sounding song by Stompp, I had to revisit the video game music world. Well, I told you I would make a VG cover, so here it is.

It is the Metroid cover, from the classic 8-bit Nintendo game. I've never heard a cover of any Nintendo game songs by Reason users here... I wouldn't mind hearing one or two! *hint hint nudge nudge*

Anyhow, please listen, and enjoy. Hopefully it will bring back a memory or two.
Metroid Cover (Nintendo) 128kbs MP3

Stompp 2004-02-13 17:19

That's a pretty neat cover. I do have to say one things though- ditch the choir Ahhs. They really don't work.

That aside this is a really quality piece of work, I really love the synth work especially here. Head bangingly nostalgic. If that makes any sense? No? Oh well, top stuff! :)

tranzman 2004-02-13 19:12

Re: Metroid Cover (Dark Trance) completed!
Hey ETC, this has to be one of the coolest Video Game remake songs I have ever heard!!! I can now vizualize the days waaaay back when I saw my cousins playing Metroid on Nintendo, even though I forget most of the music from it. However, maybe I wouldn't have known it was from Metroid if u didn't say so. Anyway, I love how the song suddenly enters into a beat at 0:52. I also really enjoy that melody u use at like 1:19. At first I thought it sounded a little too flat, but actually that's what makes it so cool. In a way I guess it almost sounds Arabian, heh. Overall, very nice and spacey. The bass really supports the song in my opinion. Good Job ETC!
Strifer (aka Tranzman)

brento1138 2004-02-13 21:11

Re: Cool
hey Stompp. thanks for the comments. I think I will ditch that choir at the beginning. It just sounds too flat compared to the rest of the song (as tranzman noted too)... I will make the intro a bit more spacey perhaps, full sounding, so the song doesn't feel so flat at the start...

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