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dtrain 2004-02-14 04:29

Analog Sequencer
I wouldn't mind something like this. And before someone tells me to use the main sequencer, I'd like to say Reason and Propellerheads have a long standing tradition of emulating hardware, and that's what this is, so please don't reply to this with "Use the main sequencer". I almost always use the main sequencer and rarely use the Matrix sequencer, but I would definitely use something like this... or maybe a really awesome advanced Matrix type sequencer.

This could be used with almost any of the instrument devices.

Patch Select - Loads and saves MIDI files

Each sequence lane has a readout of what it's connected to, instead of a piece of tape. Common: Mute, Solo, Banks, Patterns, etc. Individual Flam controls. etc.
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DVious 2004-02-14 04:53

Re: Cool mockup but...
It would require the CV to support more than one signal, so it really would kinda take away from the universalness of CV signals in Reason.

dtrain 2004-02-14 07:11

Re: Cool mockup but...
no, no, no, no... each lane has it's own set of CV outs (i.e. Curve, Note, Gate). other wise it would be pointless. I should have made that clear.

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dtrain 2004-02-14 07:46

Re: Cool mockup but...
I also want to add that there should be a way to adjust curve and note lengths. I just made this quick mock-up to kind of visualize the piece.

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dtrain 2004-02-14 08:01

Hardware version
check it out.

djen 2004-02-14 10:37

Nice mockup
Great looking mockup! Although I doubt I'd ever really use something like this (I only use the main sequencer), I still like your design.

I guess I should finish designing my mockups too.

MIDISwede 2004-02-14 20:11

Re: Analog Sequencer
I like it, actually I'll take any new device that will add some flexiblity and/or complexity to my tunes.

If this thing would also let me use each "track" to assign/control any knob, slider, or button of any device. I would use it it nearly every tune.


dtrain 2004-02-15 03:39

Re: Analog Sequencer
I totally agree. Flexibility is what it's all about. I like having several different ways to skin a cat. My image might not be the best way, but it's a start. In any case the Redrum device should have this kind of configuration. Right now I use the main sequencer 95% of the time. djen is patroling the board promoting the main sequencer as the end-all-be-all solution to everything, but I believe more options open up larger worlds of exploration. Like I said in the original post, maybe the solution is more robust Matrix device. Maybe one that has multiple sequence lanes and better pattern handling.

Just keeping the juices flowing.


I like it, actually I'll take any new device that will add some flexiblity and/or complexity to my tunes.
:If this thing would also let me use each "track" to assign/control any knob, slider, or button of any device. I would use it it nearly every tune.
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dbone 2004-02-20 17:52

GREAT idea! ...and ReWire must die!
I *REALLY* like this idea!! The main sequencer is useless to me as I use a KorgMicro Control to sequence ReDrum and a couple of Matrix sequencers on the fly. This gives me the flexabilty to change patterns on one device and keep another running were the main sequencer is limited to a set of single loop points.

While I'm on the subject I really hope that the Props tweak ReWire in such a way that Reason can still recieve MIDI control messages while I'm working in Cubase.

It's a real drag having both apps open, wanting to use the MicroControl to sequence as described in the first paragraph and having to bring the app I want to tweak back into the OS' foreground in order for the MIDI messages to be recieved. If ReWire were just MIDI-channel aware...

Honestly, ReWire causes as many problems as it solves. I find that the quality of most new VSTi's (G-Media Oddity and ImpOscar) kick the crap out of SubTractor and Malstrom. ReDrum is the only thing I need Reason for these days, again for drum pattern sequencing. If only the MicroTonic ( had multiple outs and worked with samples... I could bury Reason out back behind the shed. With version 3 looking to be a ways off, it had better be worth the wait and have something like this sequencer!! =)

djen 2004-02-24 08:29

At the risk of starting the VST debate again...
...The reason those VSTs sound better than the subtractor and malstrom is because they're complete standalone solutions in most cases that just happen to be plugins. Reason's synths are fairly bare bones in comparison, and are meant to be stacked, effected, chained, etc. This "build it up" metaphore means that you can have hundreds of subtractor instances without maxing out your CPU.

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