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Dstudnicky 2004-03-13 04:52

The Random Sample EP
Hey folks,
I don't post here on the music forum too often, but I thought some of you would appreciate a project of mine. It's called "The Random Sample EP."

It's available for download free off my website ( under the music section. These tracks are about a year old, but it's the first time I've put them up for download. Please tell me what you think and if you enjoy it. Thanks.
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Stompp 2004-03-14 20:43

Link problems.
When I try to open the site I'm told it can't be displayed - is the music hosted elsewhere like Soundclick or so I could check it out there instead? It sounds interesting so I'd love to give it a listen.

Dstudnicky 2004-03-15 01:19

Re: Link problems.
When I try to open the site I'm told it can't be displayed - is the music hosted elsewhere like Soundclick or so I could check it out there instead? It sounds interesting
so I'd love to give it a listen.


All the music is hosted on that site. It's my college's server and it's pretty picky about characters. They all need to be lowercased.

I may put the files up on a different service, and if I do I'll post the address back here.

If doesn't work when you type it in, it's the link at the bottom of my messages, so try that just to make sure. It's in the music section of the site.

If it works, please tell me what you think! I'll listen to your stuff too. I'll look into other alternatives.

Stompp 2004-03-15 19:54

Re: The Random Sample EP
Hope you're up for an honest review. I've tried to be as balanced as possible; I was really tempted to rave about just how good these tracks are like there's no tommorow, but I didn't want to overlook any constructive criticism that could help make them even better.

586 rip

The opening synth work is very strong - sometimes you hear weedy and muddy synth work in tracks, but everything is well defined within the mix here to help give it power. I think the drum could do with being slightly more evident in the mix as in its current form it is all to easily drowned out by the backing synth work. I also felt that the synths were too dry - with what sounds like no subtle ambient effects (i.e reverb, delay) on them everything seems a little stark. Whilst this is great for keeping everything working in the mix, it does mean that when the track is reduced to one or two parts they lack any subtlety and character. This might have been your intention, in which case just ignore me. Music is all subjective after all - if it's not to my taste it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it.

Random noise

Considering the use of reverb here, maybe it was intentional to have very little reverb/delay in 586 rip, so I apologise if I just missed the point there. I spent a long time trying to "get into" Autechre's work, but I'm glad I did because it means I can appreciate work like this a lot more. In particular I absolutely love the sound at 00:32, and although I know it runs through the track quite a bit, it really stands out there so that you can get a good listen to it, and right at the end of the track too. There's really nothing I could suggest in the way of feedback here because the track is too experimental for me to want to risk upsetting its delicate exploration of sound, so I'll leave this track alone for now as far as feedback is concerned.

Six Ate

The only complaints I could level at this would be the same complaints about a lack of depth through dry sounds, like I did with the first track, but I'm really beginning to feel like I'm just missing the point with that, so I'll shut up there.

It Dwells Even Here

I really love this - odd synths and drums pushed beyond the boarders of conventional timbres. Very Autechre-ish, I'd love to hear how you even begin to start working on a track like this. Is it just experimental work that develops out of continued exploration of the devices? Or is there a lot more consideration and thought into where you actually want it to go? For example, the opening minute or so in the track makes me think the former, but the section between 1:41 and 2:10 seems far more "deliberate" as it were. Not that there's anything wrong with random experimentation, I'm not saying there is at all, it justs interests me as to where the inspiration for this kind of work comes from. Not bad at all.


Well, again I think it's too dry, but it's really obvious to me now that perhaps it's just part of your style conflicting with my taste. I don't know, it's all pretty good, but at the same time the audience does need to be able to express their distate. I know that your influences are supposedly based around the whole Warp label, and while I love some of the stuff that Warp pushes out I'm far less keen on other albums. Actually, listening to this track for a little longer there is a lot of reverb and work to contribute to the ambience of it all, so just ignore me there. Ive just written a load of crap haven't I? This kind of work is just too artistic to really get my teeth into in terms of feedback, because I want to inject some of my own "artwork" and ideas into it.

I'll stop there shall I? Sorry for the waffle, hope some of that was useful or encouraging - just to clarify: I think you have some great work here, just not entirely to my taste I guess.


Dstudnicky 2004-03-15 20:36

Re: The Random Sample EP
Thanks for listening.

Actually, all this stuff is about more than a year old now and isn't really reflective of what I'm working on now. These are the works I did to learn Reason, which could explain why they sound the way the do. I released them because they don't do me any good sitting on my hard drive.

I've always had trouble with mixing as far as the dry sound goes. I'm learning. Do you have any good resources for learning these things? All these tracks were done in Reason, but now I use that and Logic Audio 6, and maybe Pro in the future.

The first track and the last track are my least favorites.

As far as It Dwells..., it's my favorite one. The way I began it was simply from hearing that sound you hear at the beginning and end. It's a factory subtractor patch. After that and 5 hours later, I had the basic track. That and Sixate are the only tracks with any kind of form in mind, Sixate being ternary and this one being more of an ABCDA'. So yeah, it is an exploration of the devices. When the 2.5 update came out I went back in and used the Scream Distortion effect in the part that starts at 1:41. When I write I start with nothing. I don't get in knowing the big picture. It's just alot of improvising until I find something I like. I know some people do it the other way.

I find that most everything I do in Reason (and sometimes in Logic) sounds pretty weak and dry. I just haven't learned how to exploit the program in that way. I can't seem to figure out what effects go good with what, etc. Also, keep in mind that these aren't really mastered well. I applied a compressor and then EQ'd each track as good as I can. That's really it.

I do listen to alot of Warp stuff. Back when I did these tracks I didn't, although I had heard some Autechre stuff. Actually, out of all the Warp stuff that I've heard, Autechre is my least favorite.

Thanks for your critique. If you have any good resources that you think would be good for improving the sound of future works, let me know.

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Stompp 2004-03-15 22:13

Re: The Random Sample EP
Thanks for your critique. If you have any good resources that you think would be good for improving the sound of future works, let me know.

has some excellent advice for implementing effects and mixing in its tutorials section. Oh, and if I may do a little self promotion then check out the Reader Demos section too, they reviewed "Floating" - one of my orchestral works. Sorry for the BSP, but I couldn't resist...

As for effects and devices specific to Reason, I'd recommend downloading some RPS files from the song archive and take a look at how effects (in particular delays and reverbs) are used to give a fuller sound. I'd especially consider checking out work from Taron ( ) who makes exceptional use of Subtractors and gives them a richer flavour with reverbs etc...

I'd also check out this track from Elipsis1, which I regard as one of my favourites from the song archive:

I know the music of these artists may not be to your tastes, but the way that they manipulate Reason's devices is well worth looking at.

Generally speaking I use effects either excessively to create bizarre sounds, or only in a very subtle way (usually when I'm working on a classical piece). My mp3s wouldn't be much good for that, but most of my work is also available in RPS format in the song archive.

I don't know how much any of this will help, but if it's just a little bit then I guess it's all worth it.

Look forward to hearing more work from you.


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