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nataniel 2004-03-23 02:10

Squall Redux is now complete... HEAR IT NOW!!
Some of you might have read the thread about the teaser clip I posted a while ago, and I'd like to make certain things clear.

First of all, yes I changed the name. No longer dubbed Squall Remix but Squall Redux, just cause it sounds cooler I think. Second, even though I'm happy with it as it is, the track is still subject to change, so be alert. And third... whatever, I should stop ranting. Just listen to it. This one uses a couple of refills so I suggest you check it out at soundclick first. Then, if you're really interested, take a look at the rps. It's up to you... Well, ladies n' gents, without further adue:

Squall Redux!

fpoole 2004-03-23 14:17

Pure Rave Energy!

First off: there is no .rps in the archive. Second: This is definitely going in a mix somewhere soon.

Third: go to (It's in English) Go to the "Track Uploads" and post a link to your track. If it gets noticed and recieves some replies, (rare,) They will all be good, and I'll reply there all the same.

This sounds sort of like the new stuff they're publishing right now. (See "Dubplates") Over there, my username is Fahrenheit 451, so be on the lookout. Also, I know the "Timewave Zero" thing was a rough sketch, but I think together, me, and someone such as yourself should certainly be able to shape the track into yet another rave-smasher.

You might want to add more FX sounds, and I can give you links to good refills and soundsites for that.

Overall: *****

Awe-inspiring work, my friend.


Basswerk: Masters of Independent Drum and Bass

nataniel 2004-03-23 15:07

Cheers :)
thanks a lot fpoole. I will check out basswerk indeed. As for Timewave Zero goes... I just dropped you an e-mail... check your inbox!


PS: oh yeah! forgot the rps! stupid me! LOL

nataniel 2004-03-23 15:13

OOPS! Forgot to post the rps! =P
It's been sorted out already, peeps. I just posted it, so go to the archive and download it!

Stompp 2004-03-23 18:22

The opening is still too mono...
.. but the rest of it is perfect. No really, I love this version so much I downloaded it. Damn, this board is an endless source of good music for me.

There is one thing I would say, and no offense to fpoole for saying this, but don't add any sound effects. The track doesn't need it, it'd be like adding icing to a cake that already had icing on it: to rich for anyone to really enjoy. You take one bite out of it, and then everyone is full up. I'd just leave the track as it is (apart from that opening).

The track has some absolutely fantastic moments - that fill at 4:42 before leaping right back into the main section really stands out as being some amazing work.

Exactly what you'd expect from Hydron - sublime and intense d'n'b with focus, direction, and sheer quality driving it forward.

nataniel 2004-03-23 20:25

Aw shucks... =)
Thank you sir. Coming from you, Sensei, you just can't imagine how great those compliments feel. Now, about the opening, I just suck at panning FX. Originally I had given all the nn-xt's some more dramatic panning, but to me it just sounded a bit over the place, so I decided to leave it as it is for now... sorry bout that. Suggestions?

PS: liked the cake analogy. It was pretty funny. LOL

Later, Sensei, thanks again.

Stompp 2004-03-23 20:30

Panning idea...
The most logical way to pan an orchestral section would be to arrange the instruments in a way that they would be found in a real orchestra. I'm not sure if this is exactly right, but the diagram above gives a good idea of basica arrangment. Obviously if the track turns out to be panning to much in any direction then some things will need to be closer to the centre, but it gives you a good idea anyway. Hope that helps. :)

nataniel 2004-03-23 22:29

You genius! ;)
Oh but we're mere grasshoppers compared to you. heheh!

I'll see how I can apply this. Thanks a lot.

Keep on spreading the wisdom...

nataniel 2004-03-23 22:29

You genius! ;)
Oh but we're mere grasshoppers compared to you. heheh!

I'll see how I can apply this. Thanks a lot.

Keep on spreading the wisdom...

Stompp 2004-03-23 22:39

You're the genius, I'm just doing my job. ;) n/t

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